What Happens After You Tell Your Family You’re Dating a Rich Man Who’s Twice Your Age: Part 1

Just before Thanks­giv­ing, my new older man, Kee­gan, and I slept together for the first time—and it was incred­i­ble. But then we kissed each other good­bye and headed our sep­a­rate direc­tions for the hol­i­day. I spent Thanks­giv­ing with my fam­ily and he spent thanks­giv­ing with his family.

Dur­ing Thanks­giv­ing din­ner, I told my fam­ily all about him, includ­ing that I was cer­tain he was the one for me. I had hoped he was doing the same, but, as I’ve said before, Kee­gan was extremely hes­i­tant and cau­tious. Being the pri­vate per­son that he is, he said noth­ing to them.

We spent sev­eral days together at my apart­ment between Thanks­giv­ing and Christ­mas. We had enough of din­ners and dates out, so instead, we spent a major­ity of our time between the sheets, cud­dling and talk­ing about every­thing and anything.

By the time Christ­mas rolled around, we were at a good enough stage that gift giv­ing was accept­able. Because it was my first Christ­mas in my apart­ment, I had no dec­o­ra­tions. So, he sur­prised me with a small three-foot tree, orna­ments, lights, and the whole she­bang. It was just per­fect for the small space. This really struck a chord with me, because it was such a sim­ple, well thought out gift that meant so much more than dia­monds, designer hand bags, or money. He went to the store and thought specif­i­cally about what would make me happy. An inex­pen­sive tree and Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions along with spend­ing time at home with him was what made me happy, so he made it happen.

Kee­gan had a col­lec­tion of hats that were just slightly out­dated, but because he is bald, he needs hats in the win­ter. I had searched up and down to find the right kind of hat that wouldn’t irri­tate his scalp or cause sweat­ing before find­ing the per­fect one. It was in style and matched his favorite leather jacket.  It was, yet again, a sim­ple, well thought out gift that he would actu­ally use.

We spent New Year’s Eve together and watched fire­works down­town with the rest of the city to ring in the new year. We went out to eat and ended up tak­ing a major­ity of the food home. It was a mag­i­cal New Year’s for me, because in pre­vi­ous years I had never really cel­e­brated it with any­one. With my ex Marco, he was always out of the coun­try. Before that I was almost always sin­gle around New Year’s Eve. These last few months were my first expe­ri­ence actu­ally cel­e­brat­ing the hol­i­days with some­one I loved deeply, and who wanted to cel­e­brate with me.

We were sim­ply on cloud nine when we were together. How­ever, I was sens­ing that he was still dat­ing one of the women he met online through his dat­ing pro­file. I knew this because he would go silent. At one point, he actu­ally went out on a date with one woman ear­lier in the evening before com­ing over to my apart­ment right after. I could tell imme­di­ately and when I asked him, he didn’t lie or try to hide it. That was it for me. I couldn’t han­dle being sec­ond fid­dle to what­ever floozy he had decided to go on a date with because of the pro­file I’d helped him write…