What Happens When You’re Richer Than Your Rich Older Man

When You’re Richer Than Your Rich Older ManIt doesn’t come as much of a sur­prise that a lot of young women are open to dat­ing an older man with money—having a sugar daddy is like hav­ing a secu­rity blan­ket of finan­cial sta­bil­ity. But a new sur­vey shows that rich men actu­ally pre­fer to date a woman who doesn’t have as much money as them, while, of course, rich women want some­one who’s even richer than they are.

A dat­ing web site that matches up rich men with suit­able sugar babies asked nearly 15,000 of their male mil­lion­aire mem­bers about the ideal earn­ings of a poten­tial part­ner, and a whop­ping 80% said they look for women who earn less than they do, while nearly 85% of the mil­lion­aire women look­ing for a match on the site said they would pre­fer to date a man who is finan­cially sta­ble him­self. In other words, both men and women seek out the sugar daddy lifestyle, regard­less of how much the woman makes herself.

When asked why these sugar dad­dies wouldn’t be inter­ested in a woman who had just as much money as them, the men admit­ted that they wanted to enjoy being with “younger, attrac­tive women,” some­one who “appre­ci­ates things,” rather than date a “bossy, middle-aged mil­lion­aire.” Being a sugar daddy obvi­ously rein­forces the male ego—being able to take care of a beau­ti­ful younger woman in every way pos­si­ble makes him feel like a provider, and what man doesn’t want to have that kind of power?

Male and female mil­lion­aires also appear to be on oppo­site ends of the spec­trum when it comes to guard­ing their money. While 82% of rich women would require a prenup before mar­riage, only 17.4% of the rich men would request one. This just goes to show why the sugar daddy lifestyle is so popular—men want to spend their money on young, beau­ti­ful women, even if that means putting it all on the line.

What do you think: Would it be a deal breaker if you found out that you made more money than your man?

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