What I Did to Deserve a Louis Vuitton Handbag From Another Woman’s Husband

That Decem­ber, my sugar daddy, Keith, took me to meet some of his fam­ily and we spent many days with his brother. I enjoyed our times together; each moment was a trea­sure and each time he would take me home after­ward, there would instantly be a longing—I would miss him almost imme­di­ately. I would antic­i­pate when I would see him next. He had now become the cen­ter of my world. He was every­thing I wanted in a man and, though he wasn’t mine to own because he was mar­ried, I never felt as if I was shar­ing him. I feel like he gave me so much of himself.

On Christ­mas day, he had a party at his guest­house and when he sent his dri­ver for me, I declined the offer. The last thing I wanted was to col­lide with his wife or see them play­ing the part of the happy couple.

Seven months into our rela­tion­ship, he returned home with his wife. Mean­while, my mod­el­ing career was doing great and I was work­ing really hard. It felt like every­thing was finally falling into place. By then, every­one knew and respected him for the way he treated me.

As my birth­day came around in Jan­u­ary, I had no idea that he had planned a sur­prise party for me. It seemed that while he was here on vaca­tion, he had met up with my friends and planned the whole thing. When they told me that they were tak­ing me to a hotel to have din­ner and cel­e­brate a five-page spread I had just got­ten from a New York-based mag­a­zine, I couldn’t refuse. When I arrived, all of my friends from my agency were there and it was beau­ti­fully decorated—they went all out. He was on hold on my best friend’s phone and I had no clue he was on the other end when she said some­one wants to wish you a happy birth­day and handed me the phone. “Are you enjoy­ing your party?” he asked.

How did you know?” I said. I looked at my girl­friend as she said, “He was the one that planned the whole thing and paid for everything.”

If I could have loved him any more, it would have hap­pened then. One of my sur­prise gifts was a Louis Vuit­ton hand­bag I saw in a mag­a­zine and men­tioned to him that I liked. As we cel­e­brated my birth­day, every­one praised him, and all my friends who didn’t have a man like Keith in their lives echoed how they wish their man was more like him.

That year passed with him send­ing me to school. We were look­ing at prop­er­ties to buy and build a villa. He had now been talk­ing a lot about mov­ing back to the island, and how he needed a prop­erty for us. He had decided that if I was will­ing to start over with him, he was going to give the guest­house and other assets to his wife and file for a divorce. I was taken aback, as I remem­bered him say­ing he would never leave her. I was happy, but to be hon­est, it was a respon­si­bil­ity I was not ready to take on.