What I Did When a Gold Digger Tried to Come Between Me and My Rich Older Man

The Christ­mas hol­i­days were fast approach­ing, and they were going to mark the first hol­i­day sea­son since my older, wealthy boyfriend’s wife had moved out of their man­sion. The Stet­son man was still tech­ni­cally mar­ried, but I wanted to cel­e­brate this hol­i­day as a cou­ple. I per­suaded him to allow me to throw a Christ­mas party at his home.

This party was the first time I would be com­pletely entrusted with some­thing of this nature in his ter­ri­tory. He had a staff that nor­mally han­dled these kinds of arrange­ments. There was much to be done: his wife had taken their hol­i­day dec­o­ra­tions when she moved, and I had decided that I wanted to dec­o­rate mul­ti­ple trees in his home. I shopped for trees and dec­o­ra­tions for weeks. And with my friend’s help, I spent many days dec­o­rat­ing his home. I also obtained his friends’ addresses, ordered engraved invi­ta­tions, stud­ied menus, and spoke with cater­ing com­pa­nies. In the end, I man­aged to con­vince the pri­vate chef from the Stet­son man’s sec­ond home to come to the man­sion and help me with the party. I think the chef was ner­vous for me—we had become friends, and so he knew how impor­tant it was for me to be suc­cess­ful with this venture.

I was very excited at the prospect of host­ing my first party as the Stet­son man’s offi­cial girl­friend. All the plan­ning and dec­o­rat­ing was in place, and I was count­ing down the days until the party—when all of a sud­den my boyfriend and I had a dis­agree­ment about some of the party arrange­ments. This shook me up a bit because we nor­mally did not argue. At first I thought that he sim­ply didn’t want me to host the party, but then he went so far as to ask me not to even attend the party. After that, we spent sev­eral days not speak­ing. I was in shock, and I began to second-guess my role in his life.

The morn­ing of the party, the Stet­son man phoned and asked me to come and host the party after all. I was curi­ous why he had changed his mind. I hur­riedly dressed in the out­fit I had weeks ago planned to wear, and then I drove to the man­sion as if there hadn’t been an argu­ment or days of not speak­ing between us. I man­aged to get there early enough to over­see the arrange­ments: I tasted the food, lit the can­dles, and set­tled in for the guests to arrive.

Guests came and went through­out the after­noon. Every­one seemed to be hav­ing a good time, and almost every­one was cour­te­ous to me. No one seemed to mind our age dif­fer­ence, and sev­eral peo­ple even brought me host­ess gifts. I was pleased with the way the party was progressing—when sud­denly, things changed. I noticed a guest who I had not invited: it was a woman who had a major crush on the Stet­son man. What I knew about her was that she had sup­pos­edly hit on the Stet­son man mul­ti­ple times, was a few years older than me, and had been mar­ried many times. I always felt that she was a pro­fes­sional gold dig­ger, and the Stet­son man and I had agreed he would stay away from her. So I was shocked to see her at my Christ­mas party, but I approached her as if I had invited her, and I acted as if noth­ing were wrong. She seemed equally sur­prised to see me. And after a lit­tle small talk, I excused myself.

When the party was over, and all the guests had left, I decided to approach the Stet­son man about the gold digger’s appear­ance at my party. His response shocked me. He told me that he had for­got­ten to tell her we were back together and not to come to the party. His per­spec­tive was news to me: I wasn’t aware we had bro­ken up. That day it occurred to me that if they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you.

  • missliss

    haha serves you right you degenerate.

  • Sarah B

    so, basi­cally, what she did was noth­ing, yeah? pout a lit­tle? go shop­ping on some­one else’s dime? what a messed up world we live in, where objects are loved, and peo­ple are thrown away…