What It Really Takes to Land a Second Date with Mr. Right

What It Really Takes to Land a Second Date with Mr. RightWhen it comes to dat­ing, they say first impres­sions are every­thing. That’s why first dates can feel like a lot of pres­sure some­times. But how long do you really have to make that last­ing first impres­sion? Accord­ing to a new study, 12 min­utes is all it takes for a per­son to decide whether or not they’re inter­ested in dat­ing you.

For those who are nav­i­gat­ing the sugar daddy dat­ing world, the research also revealed some valu­able insight into what peo­ple are most often judged on dur­ing a first date. The major­ity of peo­ple (64%) judge their poten­tial partner’s smile first, fol­lowed by whether or not they main­tain eye con­tact (58%), and the tone of their voice (25%). In other words, pay atten­tion to how often you’re smil­ing, your level of eye con­tact, and your tone of voice if you want to suc­ceed in sugar daddy dating.

When it comes to the worst first-date impres­sions, 59% of the dat­ing sin­gles said the most off-putting qual­ity is body odor, 53% said bad breath, and 38% were put off by swearing.

Thanks to the age of tech­nol­ogy, your first impres­sion starts well before the actual first date. One in 20 dat­ing sin­gles admit­ted to doing an online search, specif­i­cally on Face­book and Twit­ter, before meet­ing in per­son. So, be aware of what’s being posted on your online social media profiles.

If you’re inter­ested in dat­ing an older man, you might con­sider doing a lit­tle prep work before meet­ing in person—you wouldn’t be the only one. It turns out that a quar­ter of the sin­gles polled will make changes to their phys­i­cal appear­ance before meet­ing a poten­tial part­ner in order to leave that last­ing impres­sion. For women, the most pop­u­lar picks were a trip to the hair salon, a new per­fume, or a fresh manicure.

From our expe­ri­ence, the trick to stand­ing out and get­ting ahead in the sugar daddy dat­ing game is to pay atten­tion to the lit­tle details. Fresh breath, clean nails, and a gen­uine smile can go a long way in show­ing a poten­tial sugar daddy that you really are dat­ing material.

When get­ting ready for a first date, make sure you wear some­thing that’s com­fort­able and sexy, but that still reflects you as a per­son. Don’t try to be some­thing you’re not, because while you may land that first impres­sion, it’s only going to get harder to keep up the façade.

What do you think: What do you do before going on a first date with a poten­tial sugar daddy?

“You have just 12 MINUTES to impress on a date… and it’s the smile, eye con­tact and breath that are imme­di­ately judged, accord­ing to research,” Daily Mail web site, April 17, 2014; http://goo.gl/0kNu7d.