What It Was Like to Have (Another) Baby with My Much Older Husband: Part 1

There I was yet again, in the hos­pi­tal with my older hus­band, Kee­gan, by my side. I was in preterm labor again. Just like with my first­born, I had to fol­low strict rules. Com­plete bed rest and com­plete pelvic rest, which meant Kee­gan would have to find some­one to play with or suf­fer through the rest of the preg­nancy. The last time, I went out of my way to arrange a sex buddy for him. This time he wasn’t so lucky.

Because I was on bed rest for the remain­der of the preg­nancy, I couldn’t care for my older child at all. So, she was mostly with her grand­par­ents and Kee­gan. This was extremely stress­ful for him, espe­cially as his work respon­si­bil­i­ties kept mount­ing. We were stretched to our limit even with the assis­tance from our parents.

Our youngest daugh­ter was born six weeks pre­ma­ture. She was in the NICU for two weeks imme­di­ately after being born, then on the pedi­atric floor for another week. I was up and walk­ing four hours after hav­ing a C-section. I walked the entire length of the hos­pi­tal to see my baby in the NICU.

I remem­ber being dis­charged from the hos­pi­tal and get­ting home with Kee­gan and our old­est daugh­ter, who had just turned two, and I felt like a ter­ri­ble mom for leav­ing our new­born alone at the hos­pi­tal. But when I was at the hos­pi­tal, I felt bad for not spend­ing time with our older daugh­ter, who was miss­ing her par­ents badly. It was tor­ment­ing try­ing to decide which of our chil­dren needed me more.

I couldn’t help but feel that I needed to be by my baby’s side in the NICU. I am glad that I did, because at one point, her breath­ing tubes were drown­ing her, requir­ing a full workup and report to be done. Sadly, it was an over­sight of one of the nurses who grabbed a machine that needed recalibration.

After that event, I tried to be there, even stay there as much as I could. After a cou­ple days, I was the one bathing her, check­ing her tubes, and doing all of her dia­per changes.

She was so small that Kee­gan could hold her in his one hand. She looked even smaller in the large plas­tic iso­lette that kept her warm. Even­tu­ally, she was trans­ferred to the pedi­atric floor where I had a fold­out chair to stay with her. Kee­gan stayed one night a week, mostly because he was still try­ing to work and man­age every­thing that I had let go dur­ing what was one of the hard­est points in our mar­riage. Unfor­tu­nately, bring­ing her home didn’t make things any easier.

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