What Men Really Think About Women Who Accept Lavish Gifts From Their Old Sugar Daddies: Part 1

My long-distance sugar daddy, Keith, told me that he missed me and that he wanted us to meet in Cura­cao for my birth­day. We met at the air­port and went to a five-star hotel that he had booked ahead of time. It was so hard for us to keep our hands off each other. Sex was always an adven­ture and that night was no exception.

Keith had made reser­va­tions at the hotel’s restau­rant and that night, he pre­sented me with a com­mit­ment dia­mond ring. I cried at din­ner and he thought it was from hap­pi­ness, but really, I was just feel­ing guilty. Even though he was mar­ried, he was going above and beyond just so I would never feel neglected, but he had no idea that I was secretly dat­ing some­one else behind his back.

He told me he had another sur­prise and when we went back to the room after din­ner, he showed me a Rolex watch and bank account that he had opened just for me. He said he knew I loved the Rolex he had and he never wanted me to ever want any­thing and not be able to go out and get it.

Need­less to say, we had an amaz­ing week­end; we spent every moment together. We hardly even went out after that din­ner, because we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. That Mon­day, Keith flew back to Eng­land while I returned home. As soon as I walked through the door, Peter called. Peter was the guy who mis­di­aled my num­ber a while back and we just ended up keep­ing in touch. Although he wanted more out of the rela­tion­ship, I wasn’t inter­ested in him like that; I just enjoyed talk­ing to him.

Any­way, when Peter called I filled him in. I guess I fig­ured that if I told him all these things, he would just see that he could never stack up against Keith, and as a result, he would just decide I wasn’t worth his time. But Peter was only too inter­ested in all my sor­did details. He was happy to see my expen­sive gifts and he was very impressed with the account. He joked about not being in Keith’s league, and I made it clear that he wasn’t.

My sec­ond secret sugar daddy, Kirk, had no knowl­edge that I had left town to meet with Keith, and when he saw my jew­elry, he instantly became sus­pi­cious. He was angry once again and I was get­ting tired of always hav­ing to explain myself to him; after all, he knew about Keith from the beginning.

Kirk called me a slut and a gold dig­ger and told me the rea­son I couldn’t leave Keith was because I didn’t want to lose what he was giv­ing me. This time, he promised he was going to bring every­thing to an end, because he was going to tell Keith’s wife everything.

After Kirk left, I con­tem­plated leav­ing him. Lit­tle did I know that he had told his mom and sis­ter about my rela­tion­ship with Keith, and they were eager to share their two cents. They were con­cerned about him being so hurt about the whole thing and wanted to know what I was going to do about it. I was now in a rela­tion­ship with his whole family!

Kirk had once again pulled a dis­ap­pear­ing act and this time, no one knew where he was. Usu­ally when he decided he was going to take a break, his best friend at least knew where he was. This time, even he didn’t know what had hap­pened to him…