What My Abusive Sugar Daddy Taught Me About Being a Good Wife: Part 1

John was extremely lov­ing for the first two weeks after I returned from England—he had no idea that I was secretly plan­ning to move there just to get away from him.

He show­ered me with atten­tion and when­ever I men­tioned that I needed some­thing, he gave me as much money as I wanted. He was act­ing para­noid, telling me he knew I was going to leave him and that he could feel it. I denied it, but in real­ity, I was going to leave him in the most dis­creet way pos­si­ble. I was tired of his ways and I wasn’t going to deal with it anymore.

I started avoid­ing him as much as I could and that was when I saw another side to him. He would just show up at my apart­ment and he would search the house before he got set­tled. He would show up drunk, swear­ing at my gate, and when I told him it was over, he really got ugly!

One night when he came over, he fell asleep and when I searched through his phone (that was the first time I’d ever done any­thing like that) I saw numer­ous mes­sages from dif­fer­ent women he was hav­ing sex with. I felt sick to my stom­ach. I woke him up and told him to get the hell out of my home. And I ignored him when he showed up at my store and at my home after that.

One day, while I was get­ting ready for work, he kept call­ing and when I refused to answer, he showed up at the gate and start­ing throw­ing plants in my house, leav­ing a huge mess. While all this was hap­pen­ing, I was going through it alone. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t tell anyone.

John’s pos­ses­sive­ness had taken over. In my heart, he and I were over, so when I met my now-husband Brian in Eng­land, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be leav­ing John. While he acted crazy, I drifted away and when Brian came into my life and started show­ing me what love was all about, I wanted noth­ing to do with John. I just had to fig­ure out how to get rid of him with­out risk­ing my own safety or Brian’s…