What My Abusive Sugar Daddy Taught Me About Being a Good Wife: Part 2

I spent most of that Jan­u­ary in Eng­land with Brian. I liked what he stood for and it didn’t take him long to love me. He was sin­gle, and this time he really was—there were no secret wives or girl­friends. He had never been mar­ried, so that was a plus. He had his own busi­ness as well, but with him it was never about the money, and it still isn’t. He loved me, he adored me, and all he wanted was for me to feel the same.

It didn’t take long for Brian to pro­pose and I accepted. When I went back to the island where John was, I began to put my plans into action. I told him there was no chance of him and I ever get­ting back together and that I didn’t want to work things out. I told him it had never worked and it never will, and that we would just be wast­ing our time if we con­tin­ued. I avoided telling him that I met any­one, because I feared what his reac­tion would have been. He must have been liv­ing in dream­land to think that after dis­cov­er­ing his many infi­deli­ties, I would con­tinue being with him.

Brian flew out and we got mar­ried that Novem­ber. We are now hap­pily mar­ried and I am cur­rently liv­ing in the U.K. John is still cling­ing on, hop­ing and believ­ing that I will one day come back to him. But no one ever runs away from a good rela­tion­ship and what I have with Brian is incred­i­ble. My mar­riage is perfect.

For the first time in my life, I can say I am immensely happy and I can truly say I am in love. I stay in con­tact with my exes because that’s who I am, but I would never trade my hus­band for any of the men in my past. Every sin­gle day is an adven­ture. It took a while to find him, and I stum­bled a few times to get to him, but I wouldn’t change a thing, because those rela­tion­ships or affairs have pre­pared me for the man I’m spend­ing my life with today. My past has taught me to never take any­thing I have for granted.