What My Friend Did to My Rich Older Man to Make Him Come Crawling Back to Me: Part 1

I was still strug­gling to come to terms with my recent breakup. Although things were going well, I had just ended my May-December rela­tion­ship with Kee­gan, because he was too pre­oc­cu­pied with our age dif­fer­ence and was still dat­ing other women in case some­thing bet­ter came along. To take my mind off the breakup, I decided to join my friend Kate at her new boyfriend’s vaca­tion house.

Kate and I spent our days shop­ping, get­ting man­i­cures and pedi­cures, and get­ting our hair done at the salon. She took me to get a Brazil­ian wax to try and make me feel sexy again. Mean­while, Kee­gan kept call­ing and send­ing me text mes­sages, but I wasn’t respond­ing. Kate would clear my voice­mails and delete my text mes­sages for me, unless I wanted to hear or see them. But on our last day at the vaca­tion house, she had a change of heart, and so did I.

The next time Kee­gan called, Kate answered it. “Hello?” she said in her sex­i­est voice.

Is… is Jes­sica avail­able to speak with?” Kee­gan asked hesitantly.

Yes, she’s right here next to me. I’m look­ing right at her beau­ti­ful face,” she responded before hand­ing me the phone. I knew what she was try­ing to do.

Hold on,” I said, quickly putting the phone on mute.

Give him another chance,” she said.

Really? Another chance?” I asked in dis­be­lief as I stood up.

He’s still on hold. He’s been call­ing and tex­ting every day. Obvi­ously he made a mis­take and now he real­izes it. Answer the phone and talk to him,” she said smiling.

Hello? Are you still there?” I asked hes­i­tantly, tak­ing the phone off mute. But the other end of the line was dead.

Kee­gan had hung up and I imme­di­ately felt remorse­ful. “I’m going to try call­ing him back,” I said to Kate, as she looked at me smil­ing. I must have really liked this man if I was will­ing to chase after him now. The only ques­tion was, by putting him on hold for so long, had I com­pletely blown my chances at sav­ing our rela­tion­ship? Did he think I wasn’t inter­ested anymore?

I dialed his num­ber and waited…