What My Friend Did to My Rich Older Man to Make Him Come Crawling Back to Me: Part 2

Kee­gan picked up on the first ring. “Hi, Vivian,” he said quietly.

Hi Kee­gan. How are you?” I asked shyly. We had never been this for­mal with each other.

How are you? I miss you and really want to see you. I know that I’ve hurt you, but I love you. Give me another chance?” he said quickly.

I was shocked. There he was, finally telling me he loved me, but it took falling off of the face of the Earth to get him to real­ize it. “What are you doing later?” I asked, try­ing not to sound happy and con­fused at the same time.

Hope­fully see­ing you, if you’ll have me,” he responded somberly.

Meet me at 8 p.m. at my apart­ment, so we can talk. We are leav­ing here shortly, and it’s a cou­ple hours drive. See you then.” And with that we hung up.

Did you hear that, Kate?” I asked jump­ing up and down.

I told you, he knows he screwed up. There’s not another girl out there like you that’s as per­fect for him as you are. Let’s get going. We need to get you home so you can get ready!” said Kate.

That was that. We left and hauled ass to get home as quickly as pos­si­ble. I cleaned the whole place top to bot­tom and show­ered, putting on my best makeup and the cutest out­fit I could find. The time I had spent with Kate was not wasted. If it weren’t for her urg­ing me to give him another shot, I prob­a­bly wouldn’t have. I’m thank­ful for that every day.

A knock on my door came nearly two hours early; I was ner­vous because I wasn’t ready, but opened the door any­way. There was no one there, just a bou­quet of flow­ers, a card, and a small gift bag. I quickly looked out the win­dows in all direc­tions to see if I could spot the per­son who had just deliv­ered this lit­tle bit of hap­pi­ness to my doorstep, but there was no one around.

Inside the card, there was a mes­sage that read, “No one else will love you bet­ter than I will. That is my promise to you. Give me another chance, please. I truly do love you. I was just scared by things going so well. I did what I always end up doing, sab­o­tag­ing my rela­tion­ships. I’m sorry. Love, Kee­gan.” I still have that card today, and every sin­gle card he’s ever given me after that.

I quickly opened the small gift box to dis­cover a beau­ti­ful bracelet he’d pur­chased for me. It was stun­ning, and it matched the neck­lace he’d given me pre­vi­ously. I put it on and stared at it for a lit­tle while, wait­ing for him to come over.