What My Luggage Revealed About My Sex Life with My Older Man

My older, wealthy boyfriend—the Stet­son man—had a vora­cious appetite for sex, and I was sur­prised to dis­cover just how healthy his sex life was. I had always assumed that as men grew older they became less inter­ested in sex. I went from years of not being desired by my hus­band to being wanted on a daily basis by the Stet­son man. And I have always made a point of pleas­ing my man, but there was this one instance when we had huge dis­agree­ment over how to han­dle a sit­u­a­tion that involved highly sen­si­tive infor­ma­tion about our sex life.

The Stet­son man would often buy sexy lin­gerie for me to wear, but even­tu­ally, he grew tired of Victoria’s Secret ted­dies and garter belts, and so he ven­tured into an adult enter­tain­ment store for items a bit less “pink.” He began to bring sex toys to our ren­dezvous to add “spice” to our bed­room antics. He would store these items in a black doctor’s bag, and when that bag became too full, he bought a sec­ond bag.

Now we had two doctor’s bags that we took with us when we trav­eled. Unfor­tu­nately, these par­tic­u­lar bags did not lock, and there were a cou­ple of times I heard the bag vibrat­ing while air­port per­son­nel were han­dling our bag­gage. I would turn red from embar­rass­ment, and shield my face as best I could in front of the pilots. I am pri­vate about what hap­pens behind closed bed­room doors, and these two doctor’s bags full of adult toys held a lot of poten­tially embar­rass­ing con­tents. That’s why I couldn’t have been less pre­pared for the day we acci­den­tally left behind these two bags at the airport.

The Stet­son man and I flew in and out of this air­port sev­eral times a month. We were famil­iar with the air­port per­son­nel, and even knew many of them by name. I am sure they always won­dered about our rela­tion­ship, and on this par­tic­u­lar trip, the air­port staff may have dis­cov­ered more than they wanted to, because when we arrived at my house, we were sans doctor’s bags.

Of course, it was only when the Stet­son man asked me for them, miles away at my home, that we real­ized we had left them on the tar­mac or in the small airport’s lobby. I began to pray that the pilots had just for­got­ten to unload them, and then I sug­gested we just for­get about those two bags. I said that we could check the plane on depar­ture, and if we did not find them, we could just start over with new toys. After all, the bags did not have a name on them, and so our secret would remain safe if we left it alone. The Stet­son man, how­ever, did not agree to for­get­ting about those bags. He was deter­mined to find them. He decided to phone the air­port, and he was told that the air­port per­son­nel had found the two miss­ing bags. They had placed the bags behind the counter in hopes of recon­nect­ing them with their right­ful owner. I knew the per­son­nel had opened the bags—two unat­tended pieces of lug­gage in an air­port? My face began to burn red from humiliation.

The Stet­son man insisted that I accom­pany him back to the air­port to retrieve the bags. I kept beg­ging him to for­get them, but he had already given his name and infor­ma­tion when he called to inquire about the bags. I was wor­ried that entire car ride back to the air­port, because I knew that the air­port per­son­nel could poten­tially make the sit­u­a­tion worse by hand­ing the bags over to the pilots, per­haps with the bags already open and the per­sonal con­tents exposed. I waited out­side, red-faced, as out of sight as pos­si­ble. I glanced up from my feet just in time to see the smil­ing Stet­son man, a doctor’s bag in each hand, strolling back to the car.

After that trip, I was never the same when trav­el­ing through that air­port. Each time we were there, I imag­ined the thoughts going through the air­port personnel’s minds. I was humil­i­ated by the entire bag deba­cle, but I think the Stet­son man’s ego thought that mis­plac­ing those bags was in fact a won­der­ful thing.

  • Ted Heiss­ner

    All those men at the air­port look at you two and think “Lucky Bastart”.

    • mac12sam12

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Melissa Lim­bury

    I enjoyed this story thor­ougly. I was ROFLMAO. Really, who gives a fly­ing ____ what other peo­ple think. That’s what I reckon.

  • BoredAs­Fuck

    Uh… bor­ing.

  • Melissa Lip­nutz

    Way to earn that pearl necklace!

  • JBlack

    Yo de ho, yo de ho!

  • J Paul Monquarter

    Once a hooker, always a hooker!”