What My Sugar Daddy Did For Me to Make Our First Thanksgiving Together Absolutely Unforgettable

My new older man, Kee­gan, and I headed out for the night; it was the night before Thanks­giv­ing. Deal­ing with the hol­i­days while dat­ing some­one new is always a tricky feat. Despite this, we were insis­tent on going out. This time, we went out to din­ner at a Mex­i­can restaurant.

As we sat down and took off our jack­ets, he pulled out a small jew­elry box. I started freak­ing out. He placed it on the table, set­ting it to his right, and looked at me with a smile. I imme­di­ately excused myself to the bath­room and called my mom.

Mom, he pulled out a jew­elry box! What the hell?” I screamed over the auto­matic flush­ing toilets.

I had a feel­ing this might hap­pen. Just relax! It’s prob­a­bly just ear­rings or a bracelet. He’s a smart man, so just relax,” she said calmly.

Gee, thanks for noth­ing,” I thought. But sur­pris­ingly, her advice helped some­how. I made my way back to the table and sat down. “I didn’t scare you there, did I?” he asked grinning.

Yeah, a little—what’s in the box? I can’t take it, it’s dri­ving me crazy. What is in that box?” I asked as I downed my entire glass of rum and coke.

What, this lit­tle box? Oh, noth­ing. It’s just a lit­tle some­thing I wanted you to have, for doing so well in school,” he said, grin­ning devilishly.

I imme­di­ately felt like an idiot. Of course it wasn’t an engage­ment ring—why on earth would he do that? My heart and mind were about a year ahead of his, because he was hes­i­tantly cau­tious. He wanted to make sure he could really love me and be with me, and that he wasn’t just some phase I was going through. He opened the jew­elry box to show a beau­ti­ful neck­lace with an aqua­ma­rine stone in the shape of a cir­cle. I loved it imme­di­ately, and it’s still my favorite piece of jew­elry to this day.

Later that night, a few of my friends were blow­ing up my phone with texts from their party. I declined the invi­ta­tion, but still wanted to know how the party went. As I responded to the text mes­sages, Kee­gan said to me, “That, what you are doing right there makes me feel like back­ground noise in your life, and whomever you are tex­ting is pri­mary. I don’t like that.”

I was stunned. It had never occurred to me that I was mak­ing him feel that way. It just never crossed my mind and he was being bru­tally hon­est in point­ing it out to me. That’s when it dawned on me what my mom had said about a month ear­lier, to always put him first. Sure, I had done so with my ex-sugar daddy, Michael, but it was a require­ment of our arrange­ment that I was not allowed to use my phone and it had to be turned off and left in the car while I was with him.

This was what my mom was talk­ing about. Dat­ing a younger woman can make an older man feel some­what inse­cure, it can make him feel vul­ner­a­ble in ways he’s never expe­ri­enced. I unknow­ingly was mak­ing him feel inse­cure; I was mak­ing him feel like he was being taken advan­tage of in some way, because I was tex­ting so much this par­tic­u­lar night, and appar­ently most nights. Need­less to say, I learned my lesson—it’s impor­tant to always put your older man first, oth­er­wise you may end up just push­ing him away with­out even real­iz­ing it.

I imme­di­ately turned my phone off, popped the bat­tery out, and dropped all of the pieces into my purse. “I’m so sorry. It never even occurred to me,” I said, kiss­ing him gently.