What My Sugar Daddy Did to Bring Out My Wilder, Sexier Side (and What I gave Him in Return)

Another woman’s heart­break on my con­science was the one thing I didn’t want. My sugar daddy, Keith, had just told me that he was will­ing to leave his wife for me, but the last thing I wanted was for them to break up. Sub­con­sciously, the equa­tion with the three of us worked. The risk of get­ting caught just added to the spice, and the fact that he wasn’t really mine made me want to do every­thing to please him; it made me want him more.

August came and went with our one year anniver­sary. As Sep­tem­ber came around, I pre­pared to visit him in Eng­land. He was lonely and the long dis­tance was putting a strain on our rela­tion­ship. He had episodes where he would be so jeal­ous that it was hard to even con­vince him that I loved him and that I was being faithful.

Before I arrived, he had got­ten us a flat and moved all his stuff in there. The first night was amaz­ing. It felt as if we were start­ing our lives together. We were free to do what we wanted; we had no one to worry about, we didn’t have to sneak around or worry about being seen. Each night, I would cook and he found out how good I was at tak­ing care of my man. I had learned his sched­ule and knew when he would arrive each night. I would stand behind the door dressed in my lin­gerie and I would watch him ring the bell and pace back and forth with roses hid­den behind him. I took care of him; I ensured his clothes were always clean and ironed, and that his meals were always pre­pared. I didn’t need hired help. I was his lover, his guilty plea­sure, and his domes­tic goddess—and I enjoyed all my roles.

When the week­ends came around, we would go to the west end to shop. I had his credit cards and I had no restric­tions. I am a lover of designer hand­bags and he had no prob­lems sur­pris­ing me. That’s the thing I loved about Keith—he gen­uinely knew how to take care of his woman, and since he knew how to take care of me, I learned how to take care of him. He had an unyield­ing appetite for sex and I never made him starve.

My stay in Eng­land was refresh­ing. In those three months, I lived a life of leisure. It was good to have him around and to anx­iously await him every night. We would lit­er­ally have sex every night and he brought out my wild side. He was a man that had unbe­liev­able sta­mina for his age and he was always horny. He was never too tired to have sex and I was only too eager to please.

One night, while we were doing our reg­u­lar all-over-the-house ses­sion, we had just got­ten into the tele­vi­sion room and we were com­pletely naked when his friend walked in and said quite casu­ally, “Oh, I have some­thing you can watch to spice it up.”

I don’t know if it was shock, mere embar­rass­ment, or that we were too much in the moment, but we didn’t stop going at it—we con­tin­ued until we both cli­maxed. Keith knew exactly how to please.

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