What My Sugar Daddy Did to Change My Mind About Having Kids with My Husband: Part 2

You have to leave, Der­rick,” I said. “My hus­band will be home any minute.” I was lying. He would still be away for three more days.

You’re lying. I called his office. He is out of town for a week. I wouldn’t come if I wasn’t cer­tain,” said Der­rick. He pushed the door open and stum­bled in past me. “Why do you think we never worked out, Cassie? You know I love you very much.” He grabbed the back of my head and ran his fin­gers through my hair. “You were always so young and full of zeal. I longed for you so badly.”

You’re drunk, Der­rick,” I said bluntly. “You shouldn’t be here.” I tried to motion him towards the door, but he yanked his hand out of my grip and walked towards the guest bed­room. I fol­lowed him in and he jumped in the bed.

Just like old times,” he said, as he started undress­ing himself.

Put your clothes on,” I snapped. “I can’t do this with you any­more. I’m try­ing to set­tle down finally.”

You didn’t want kids with me, but with him you do?” He stood up, obvi­ously drunk and upset. “I guess every­one was right. You only wanted my money.”

Stop it! You don’t know what you’re say­ing. You know I was mad for you. I wanted noth­ing but to marry you but—” Derrick’s hands inter­rupted me. He grabbed me by my waist and kissed my hand. He looked up at me and smiled. He said he thought I was beau­ti­ful and apol­o­gized. He reminded me that he was drunk and that he just wanted some atten­tion. He was at home and remem­bered how much he loved my touch.

His hands made their way to my breasts and I remem­bered his touch. He pulled my shirt up and started kiss­ing my chest. I got lost in his touch and woke up the next morn­ing with my legs wrapped around him, our bod­ies still naked. A flood of guilt flushed through my body. I regret­ted the moment instantly.

I got out of bed, gath­ered his clothes, and threw them at him. I told him that I made a mis­take and kicked him out of the house. Before leav­ing, he kissed me good­bye, said he was sorry, and that he would respect my wishes from now on.

Later that day, he called me and we mutu­ally agreed that sex would be off-limits. I was going to focus on start­ing a fam­ily with my husband.