What Really Happens Between the Young Secretary and Her Hot Older Boss at Work: Part 2

Joanne gasped, real­iz­ing the flirty com­ment Bran­don made towards me. Becky grabbed her mug and play­fully slapped Bran­don on the back, com­ing up to the counter to look at me hard in the eye—I could feel the jeal­ousy com­ing from her. “Oh come on Bran­don, you’re going to scare the girl.” I just stared at her back. You could cut the ten­sion between us with a knife, but I don’t think any­one else noticed.

Yes! She’s too young for you! I think it’s time for you to get out,” Joanne said jok­ingly, but loud enough for every­one to hear. I just smiled. Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure if Brandon’s ques­tion was a rhetor­i­cal one, or if it was my cue to say some­thing flirty back. But I chose to stay quiet as Joanne came around and play­fully pointed Bran­don out the door. Becky laughed along with Joanne and the three of them headed down the hall towards the back. But before Bran­don turned the cor­ner, he looked over at me, smiled, and winked. I could feel my cheeks turn­ing red as I smiled back.

Go fig­ure that the one guy who catches my atten­tion at work is one who also hap­pens to be a nat­ural flirt, too. I had a type and think­ing back to my ex, Jared, it was the flirty con­fi­dent ones. I sat down replay­ing the whole scene again in my head.

Bran­don was good look­ing, but he was also clearly older, some­thing that never caused me to think twice. I wasn’t shy to the idea of being with some­one older; it was actu­ally call­ing my atten­tion more than being with another guy my age that would just be afraid of a monog­a­mous and com­mit­ted rela­tion­ship. Some­one around Brandon’s age would be con­fi­dent, smart, edu­cated, and expe­ri­enced with women and rela­tion­ships, among other things. I knew exactly where my mind was going on that lat­ter part when I imag­ined sink­ing my nails in those broad shoulders.

I needed to focus on my work before some­one caught me day­dream­ing, so I grabbed my pen and moved the stack of papers. In doing that, I uncov­ered my romance novel from ear­lier, and fig­ured I might as well fin­ish the steamy chap­ter I was on; only this time, I’d be imag­in­ing another man’s face in the story. I just couldn’t stop think­ing about Brandon.