What Renée Zellweger Is Doing to Make Bradley Cooper’s Sugar Baby, Suki Waterhouse, Crazy Jealous

Sugar Daddy Bradley Cooper And Renée ZellwegerWhy do women like older men? Well, one of the most pop­u­lar rea­sons seems to be that older men are just more mature and estab­lished, both finan­cially and emo­tion­ally. How­ever, no mat­ter how much older or wiser men may be, they still often fail to under­stand the con­nec­tion between women and jeal­ousy. And celebrity cou­ples are no different.

There may be trou­ble in par­adise for Bradley Cooper, 39, and his younger girl­friend, 22-year-old Suki Water­house. Accord­ing to new rumors, the celebrity couple’s May-December rela­tion­ship is on rocky turf, because Water­house isn’t happy with Cooper still main­tain­ing a friend­ship with his ex, Renée Zellweger.

Cooper and Zell­weger ended their 18-month rela­tion­ship in 2011, but have remained close since their breakup, much to the dis­may of his cur­rent sugar baby. The actor has report­edly tried to con­vince Suki Water­house that her jeal­ousy is unfounded, and she’s try­ing to be mature about it, but she’s hav­ing a hard time deal­ing with Cooper con­fid­ing in his ex about per­sonal mat­ters. “Suki feels that she should be that con­fi­dante,” revealed one source.

The celebrity cou­ple has also sup­pos­edly been talk­ing about mov­ing in together in L.A.—Suki Water­house is cur­rently based in the U.K.—and even start­ing a fam­ily, but his recent behav­ior with Renée Zell­weger is said to have thrown a wrench in their plans. “Bradley has a long list of beau­ti­ful exes, and the idea of him secretly speak­ing to them is Suki’s worst night­mare,” said the insider.

What do you think: Would you be jeal­ous if the older man you were dat­ing was still close friends with his ex?


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Photo Credit: Everett Col­lec­tion / Shutterstock.com (Renée Zell­weger), vipflash / Shutterstock.com (Bradley Cooper), Fea­ture­flash / Shutterstock.com (Suki Waterhouse)