What the Ex-President’s Mistress Is Saying About Their Illicit Affair

Ex-President Mistress And Illicit AffairIt may have hap­pened 16 years ago, but Mon­ica Lewinksy will for­ever be known as the younger woman who had an illicit affair with U.S. Pres­i­dent Bill Clin­ton. At the time their affair went pub­lic, Clin­ton was 51 and Lewin­sky was only 24. The scan­dal rocked the coun­try and resulted in extreme media scrutiny over Mon­ica Lewinksy’s every move.

The affair scan­dal turned the younger woman into an overnight celebrity—she was offered an endorse­ment deal, devel­oped her own hand­bag line, did high-profile inter­views, made sev­eral TV appear­ances, and even briefly hosted a real­ity TV series before mak­ing the con­scious effort to live a pri­vate life out of the spotlight.

After almost a decade of silence, Mon­ica Lewin­sky has opened up about the scan­dal in an effort to clear her name, move on with her life, and hope­fully even make a dif­fer­ence. In a reveal­ing essay for Van­ity Fair, Lewin­sky admit­ted that she still does “deeply regret” the affair with Bill Clin­ton, but that it’s time to “burn the beret and bury the blue dress,” obvi­ously refer­ring to the infa­mous blue dress stained with Bill Clinton’s semen that sur­faced as the scan­dal unfolded.

I’ve decided, finally, to stick my head above the para­pet so that I can take back my nar­ra­tive and give a pur­pose to my past,” wrote Mon­ica Lewin­sky, adding that she’s now plan­ning on using the scan­dal to work with “efforts on behalf of vic­tims of online humil­i­a­tion and harass­ment,” since her tainted rep­u­ta­tion and humil­i­a­tion was “dri­ven by the Inter­net.” She said that her deci­sion to come out of hid­ing and speak up was sparked by a teenager who com­mit­ted sui­cide after he was secretly taped lock­ing lips with a man. On a side note, Mon­ica Lewinsky’s con­ver­sa­tions with col­league Linda Tripp about the affair were also secretly recorded.

Mon­ica Lewin­sky also made some shock­ing claims about the nature of her affair with Bill Clin­ton. “Sure, my boss took advan­tage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a con­sen­sual rela­tion­ship,” she wrote. How­ever, she does believe that she was pur­posely made out to be the scape­goat in the affair scan­dal in order to pro­tect Bill Clin­ton and his posi­tion of power.

The Clin­ton admin­is­tra­tion, the spe­cial prosecutor’s min­ions, the polit­i­cal oper­a­tives on both sides of the aisle, and the media were able to brand me,” said Mon­ica Lewin­sky. “And that brand stuck, in part because it was imbued with power.”

Unfor­tu­nately, being branded as Bill Clinton’s illicit mis­tress is some­thing Mon­ica Lewin­sky is still haunted by today. “I was never ‘quite right’ for the posi­tion,” she said about her strug­gle to find a job after the affair scan­dal, adding that even if she was offered a posi­tion, it was only because she would gar­ner press attention.


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