What to Do When Your Best Friend Knows You’re Cheating with a Rich Older Man: Part 1

The week before I was sup­posed to travel with the Greek God—for the first time since I had the priv­i­lege of hav­ing the “schol­ar­ship fund” money deposited into my account—I was manip­u­lat­ing both the Greek God and the Stet­son man with sheer exper­tise. Nat­u­rally, the deposit gave me a bit of breath­ing room finan­cially. Some­how, this gave me an extra pep in my step.

I had drawn up a bud­get and devel­oped a course of action to pay off the credit card debt I had acquired from being a very afflu­ent man’s girl­friend. I paid off the entire bal­ance of one credit card with the first deposit, and still had a bit of money left over. I had yet to acquire property.

The best part of all this was that I was on point with my lat­est strat­egy. I loved the fact that no one in the Greek God’s inner cir­cle knew my wardrobe. I could wear the same apparel I had pur­chased for the Stet­son man and his social occa­sions, so I didn’t need to shop for any fore­see­able trips. This may sound triv­ial, but it’s very impor­tant to be the envy of every female at every party or meet­ing I would attend on the arm of my opu­lent men. Being in my posi­tion, I was a direct reflec­tion of them and their suc­cess. Every­one had their eyes on him and his choice of female com­pan­ion­ship. I couldn’t afford a day off with my wardrobe, hair or makeup choice. I never had a sec­ond oppor­tu­nity to make a first impression.

Nat­u­rally, men and women alike formed a very quick opin­ion of me. I was very much aware that any­one who wit­nessed me with either man very quickly thought the worst of me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow any­one to get to me men­tally. I had grown tougher over the years with the Stet­son man. I knew my posi­tion and what was required of me. Now my mind set was to make that work to my advan­tage. I knew very well at this point that nei­ther man was think­ing about mar­riage or grow­ing old with me. I had to make this work for me, just as many peo­ple go to work each day look­ing for­ward to retire­ment. This was like a sec­ond job—I was prepar­ing for my own future. And I had the per­fect idea of how I was going to pull it off…