What to Do When Your Best Friend Knows You’re Cheating with a Rich Older Man: Part 2

I had told the Stet­son man that Tori needed me to be with her for a med­ical issue. I elab­o­rated just enough to say noth­ing was con­firmed and that she was just in the test­ing phase, but needed me to be there. This was dif­fi­cult for me. I find that the things I put into the uni­verse have a way of com­ing true. The last thing I wished upon any­one, espe­cially Tori, was any health issues. So, to com­pen­sate for this, I sent Tori the extra money from the schol­ar­ship fund.

I called her and explained the story. She knows how I feel about the uni­verse. I begged her to use the money to treat her­self to a spa day. She would be away from the house and would have an excuse to turn her phone off while she was relax­ing at the spa. In my mind, that would be close enough to relate to a med­ical issue. I con­vinced myself that she would be head­ing off her med­ical prob­lem with holis­tic and alter­na­tive health care. This day could be her med­ical rejuvenation.

She objected. Tori kept telling me friends cover for one another and don’t judge. We are there for each other whether we make good deci­sions or bad. If we choose a bad path, our friends help us to pick up the pieces and carry on. Need­less to say, Tori never cashed the check I sent her.

The Stet­son man could not say much about Tori need­ing me. Tori had agreed to stay with me at the Stet­son man’s urg­ing early in our rela­tion­ship when he was going to be away for a few days on busi­ness. It was a few days after I had just made the move to his home­town and Tori had come down to stay with me. She even rode out with me and my lit­tle dog for the move. The entire time, she tried to per­suade me not to move, but it was a bit late for that; the mov­ing truck was only a day or two behind us. Tori was sched­uled to go home, when the Stet­son Man offered to pay for her flight change. He didn’t want me to be alone on my birth­day in a new place with­out any friends. So, Tori agreed to stay. Thank­fully, she was with me when the call came that my son had passed away in a car acci­dent. She was a great help in the excru­ci­at­ing days after the accident.

Due to this, the Stet­son man didn’t put up much of an argu­ment about me going to see Tori. It also crossed my mind that the Stet­son man would now have the time to wine and dine the bar­ber while I was away. I kept push­ing that thought from my mind. I couldn’t let that be a fac­tor in my “posi­tion­ing” with the Greek God. He could be very use­ful in my future. In those days, life and every­thing in it was all about me and my needs.