What to Expect When Your Wealthy Older Boyfriend Says You “Need to Talk:” Part 1

The entire week after my big health scare (I had a cyst on my ovary), my older man Kee­gan nursed me back to health. He took care of me, fed me, and washed my laun­dry. (Well, he tried and ruined a few things, but he tried and that’s what mat­ters.) Kee­gan went all out so that all I had to do was rest on the couch.

It was way above and beyond for such a minor med­ical issue, but this was such a defin­ing qual­ity in him that I took notice. If we were to ever have kids, if I ever could have his chil­dren, I won­dered if he would be so atten­tive, car­ing, ten­der, and help­ful. I was con­vinced he’d make the per­fect father to my kids.

Then real­ity dawned on me, as he’d been gone for nearly 18 hours through the night. He left for work at 10 p.m. as I drifted off to sleep, and I hadn’t heard from him since. I knew he worked hard and long hours, and I was still tak­ing pain meds, so I might have been a lit­tle more sensitive.

But I called him inces­santly any­ways. He didn’t answer, so I started to get wor­ried. My mind was run­ning a mile a minute think­ing about every­thing we had already been through. Just as I started to dial his num­ber yet again, he walked in the door. “Right on time,” I said. I was gen­uinely happy to see him. I let out a sigh of relief and held him so close. He smelled so good, like mois­tur­izer and cologne. These would come to be my favorite smells, con­sis­tently remind­ing me of this man who had become my everything.

We need to talk,” he said.

Those four lit­tle words were like a nuke drop­ping square into my hap­pily ever after, demol­ish­ing every­thing in its path and leav­ing noth­ing but pure dev­as­ta­tion in its wake.

About what?” I asked hes­i­tantly, sit­ting up and begin­ning to fid­get with my fingers.

About me and you, our future. You mean so much to me, Vivian. I have never con­nected with some­one on so many lev­els, been so attracted to and excited by some­one. Even high school and col­lege, I was often sin­gle and only ever had two seri­ous rela­tion­ships before. One was in col­lege and she cheated on me. The other was with the ex of 10 years who turned out to be a bit of a psy­cho. I love you and I want you to know that, but you also need to real­ize I come with a decent amount of bag­gage. There’s the big age dif­fer­ence. After all, I am much older than you, are you sure you can han­dle that? Are you sure you want to han­dle that? We will be in two dif­fer­ent places in our lives on more than one occa­sion. It will be much harder for you than for me, but have you thought about the longevity of our rela­tion­ship?”  He said plac­ing his head in his hand. It seemed like he had already decided that this rela­tion­ship would never work…