What You Don’t Know About the Older Men Who Date Younger Women: Part 1

My sec­ond sugar daddy, Kirk, was the kind of man that women would actu­ally pay to have sex with; he looked that good. He was hand­some, worked out, and was even in the music indus­try. It was hard to bal­ance both relationships—when I started dat­ing Kirk, I was still with my first sugar daddy, Keith, who had no idea I was see­ing some­one else at the same time. I had to ded­i­cate most of my phone time to Keith when he was away in Eng­land, and those calls were often very long. And though I was with Kirk phys­i­cally, he wasn’t pleased that I was spend­ing most of my time on the phone with Keith lying about my whereabouts.

One day, as my phone rang, Kirk and I were in the mid­dle of a fight and he decided that if I answered that, he would tell Keith every­thing because he was tired of feel­ing like he was always com­ing in sec­ond. “If you answer that call, I’m going to let him know about us,” said Kirk. “You told me that you’re with him because he helps you. I’m here now, so what do you need a mar­ried man for? As a mat­ter of fact, I’m going to go to that guest­house and tell his wife about all that has been happening!”

As the phone kept ring­ing, I stood there tak­ing his scold­ing, not know­ing what to do. I saw in his eyes that he was tired. He had con­fessed his love for me and he was giv­ing me all that he could, yet he didn’t have all of me. Kirk was my chance to have my own man, yet I felt oblig­ated to Keith. He had been there; he was the one that turned me into a woman and exposed me to this lifestyle I had grown accus­tomed to. To just leave him when he had done noth­ing wrong was dis­loyal in my eyes, and I could not bring myself to do that.

That day, I decided to leave Kirk and give him time to calm down. Right on cue, Peter called. Although Peter and I had never dated, he had become such a good phone buddy that I actu­ally looked for­ward to his calls. This time, he sounded anx­ious, almost as if he was cry­ing. “What’s wrong? You sound a bit upset. Are you cry­ing?” I asked.

I just had an argu­ment with my girl­friend and she decided she’s going to leave me,” he said.

What caused the argu­ment?” I asked.

You,” he answered.

Me? How did I even cause you two to have an argu­ment, let alone break up?” I snapped back.

She over­heard us on the phone and she asked who you were and I told her,” said Peter.

What did you tell her? It must have been a mis­un­der­stand­ing, since you and I have absolutely noth­ing going on. I hope you did not tell the poor girl that we do? Give me her num­ber so that I can call her and explain it was a mis­un­der­stand­ing and that we’re only friends. The last thing I want to do is to break up your rela­tion­ship,” I replied calmly.

No, let her think what she wants to think!” He sud­denly sounded as if he had stopped cry­ing when he asked me what my sched­ule was for the next day. He wanted to go some­where and asked if I would join him for the drive. I told him I would check and let him know early the next morning…