What Young Women Do to Steal Husbands (and Their Money) Away From Their Wives: Part 1

At this point, I was still madly in love with my sugar daddy, the Stet­son man, but because things weren’t going as well as I’d hoped, I had started see­ing another rich older man, the Greek God, on the side. The Greek God was mar­ried, but he often spoiled me with lav­ish trips.

After receiv­ing instruc­tions from the Greek God’s assis­tant for our next travel des­ti­na­tion, I imme­di­ately phoned my best friend, Tori. I knew she would find this plan fas­ci­nat­ing. The Greek God wanted me to come to Hawaii and stay in the same resort as his fam­ily. I would have my own villa and he would sneak in to see me. He wanted me to bring Tori so I wouldn’t be bored while he was with his family.

This was going to be a first with this man. I would be tucked out of sight at the same time his fam­ily would be near. I wasn’t crazy about being hid­den yet again by a man, but I really had no choice. If the Stet­son man was really drift­ing away from me, I wasn’t going to change the lifestyle I had become accus­tomed to.

After explain­ing to Tori we were going to Maui on the Greek God’s nickel, I waited for her response. She was stunned that I accepted the invi­ta­tion, since his fam­ily was going to be in the same resort. She knew how I felt about the Stet­son man and the Greek God.  She knew I was in love with one and was fight­ing feel­ings for the other.

The first class seats made the flight very com­fort­able. As we approached the island, the scenery took my breath away, just as it had on my pre­vi­ous trips. At the gate of the con­course, we were met by Hawai­ians with leis. We spot­ted a man hold­ing a card with the word “Afflair” writ­ten across it. We approached him and he instructed us that he would be our escort.

As we approached the resort, I felt like Cin­derella in a car­riage com­ing to the ball. The dri­ver entered a code and we drove through a gated area to a very pri­vate villa. We were met by a but­ler and he escorted us into the foyer. As we entered the villa, there were exotic flow­ers every­where, along with a mas­sive bowl of trop­i­cal fruit on the table. It was very Poly­ne­sian in design with two mas­ter suites, each with a full ocean view. We even had a pri­vate pool.

After we set­tled in, the Greek God called to see if we had a pleas­ant flight and if we were happy with our accom­mo­da­tions. Of course we were.  They were per­fect! I told him that I would reward him for all his good work when we got to spend time together.

Princess,” he said. “We may not be able to spend that type of time together this trip, but I wanted you near me. In the mean­time, I’ve arranged for you and Tori to go whale watch­ing on a cata­ma­ran tomor­row at 11:00 a.m. I thought you would be fin­ished with your break­fast by then and would love see­ing them. Enjoy, and I’ll be check­ing on you. I have some­thing planned tomor­row evening while every­one is shop­ping.” I smiled as he con­tin­ued talk­ing. “I want to spend time with you show­ing you some of the islands. We will have some pri­vate time together then. You girls have a relax­ing time and enjoy the whale watch­ing. I’ll see you tomor­row, princess.”

The whole time he was talk­ing, all I could think about was my Stet­son man and what he was doing. I longed for this trip to be with him instead. I kept think­ing to myself if this is what wealthy men do. How many other girls does the Greek God enter­tain this way? Do they really just want you near, or are they just mak­ing sure no one else is occu­py­ing your time while they’re away?

In any case, I decided to make the most of the trip, although I would soon find out that things would hardly go as smoothly as I had anticipated…