What Young Women Do to Steal Husbands (and Their Money) Away From Their Wives: Part 2

The next morn­ing, we headed off to see the whales. It was an absolutely mar­velous day. But as incred­i­ble as it was to see, I felt like my heart was break­ing from the dis­tance my Stet­son man was putting between us, and because of that, there wasn’t any way I was going to get my heart involved with the Greek God. I didn’t want it to get bro­ken again. As I lis­tened to the music the whales made I truly won­dered if I had com­pletely lost the Stet­son man, or if I could still repair what was missing.

After sev­eral hours, it was time to head back to the resort. As we got back to our villa, Tori said she wanted to take a nap by the pool. She sug­gested we go down by the main resort pool and check out the scenery. I agreed with her and as we walked in our biki­nis, we were turn­ing heads.

We got com­fort­able on the chairs and almost imme­di­ately I saw the Greek God with his wife. They were lying in the sun talk­ing to each other like older mar­ried cou­ples do. I motioned for Tori to look and we were both stunned. I told Tori we needed to leave and go back to the pri­vate villa. I wasn’t sure how the Greek God would han­dle see­ing me in front of his wife, so I fig­ured it was safer to just leave. Tori wanted to stay and see if she could get a take on their rela­tion­ship. I decided to stay in the dan­ger zone with Tori while she did her detec­tive work. Our lounge chairs were sit­u­ated right where the Greek God and his wife would have to pass to leave.

His wife walked in front of him as they left the pool. Nor­mally, this would have upset me had this been the Stet­son man; how­ever, this was like watch­ing a slow motion movie. My feel­ings weren’t involved and to be hon­est, it gave me a sense of per­sonal power. I sat there know­ing that he would have rather been with me than his wife, and that made me con­tent. Once they were gone, Tori and I went back to our villa.

I asked Tori to detail her detec­tive work. She felt like the Greek God was very dis­tracted once he saw us by the pool, and that he was just paci­fy­ing his wife for those few hours. It was obvi­ous he couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

A lit­tle while later, the Greek God called. “I have the wife busy on a shop­ping excur­sion and we will have a few hours to our­selves. I want to show you some of the islands.” I’m begin­ning to believe older men love to teach their younger women about the world. He char­tered a heli­copter ride and as we hov­ered over Maui, the Greek God kept his eyes fixed on me. It was as if he was try­ing to drink me up. I dis­cov­ered a long time ago that older men couldn’t resist the doe-eyed look I would give them when I caught them star­ing at me. He was no different.

After land­ing back at the air­port, I was asked to take a ride with the Greek God. I accepted and when he stopped the car, we got out and walked on the beach. It was fun play­ing in the surf and kick­ing water at each other. He gen­tly kissed me, and not just a casual kiss, but one that really meant some­thing. I started teas­ing him, ask­ing if he was sure he had his wife occu­pied so she wouldn’t see us together. He explained that she really wasn’t that inter­ested in him as much as she was his bank account.

One thing I knew for sure was that then when it comes to wives, they may not seem inter­ested, but the minute they see the money going to some pret­tier, younger woman, that’s when their inter­est picks back up.

Unfor­tu­nately for his wife, the Greek God was one man I wasn’t will­ing to let go of. I had to spend time with him no mat­ter what. The Stet­son man had my heart, but this Greek God had my attention.