What Your Age Has to Do with the Types of Men You Attract

Types of Men You AttractBy now it shouldn’t come as much of a sur­prise to hear that men are inher­ently attracted to younger, beau­ti­ful women—it’s part of the rea­son why age gap dat­ing is so pop­u­lar. But if you’re still skep­ti­cal, a new study out of Fin­land pro­vides even more sci­en­tific proof about the mer­its of age gap dating.

Thou­sands of men were sur­veyed about what age group they found them­selves most sex­u­ally attracted to in the past 12 months, as well as which age group they actu­ally had sex with in that same period. The results showed that men, regard­less of their age, reported being most sex­u­ally attracted to women in their mid-20s. The find­ings held true across all age groups for men—the younger ones want older women in their mid-20s, while the more mature men wanted younger women in that same age group. And there you have the basis for age gap dat­ing, with older men dat­ing younger women.

Accord­ing to the researchers behind the study, it all boils down to biol­ogy. Older men are drawn to age gap dat­ing with younger women because they sub­con­sciously see them as being more fer­tile. “The high­est fer­til­ity has been esti­mated to occur in the mid-20s, with a decline after the age of 35,” explained the researchers.

This study doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean that if you’re a woman over 35, you’re not fit for age gap dat­ing. It also doesn’t mean that a man’s only motive for dat­ing a younger woman is to pro­cre­ate. The point of this research is to show that age gap dat­ing works because, whether or not they act on it, men are more attracted to women who are younger than them because they sub­con­sciously per­ceive them to be more suit­able partners.

What do you think: Do you agree that men pre­fer age gap dat­ing because they’re sub­con­sciously drawn to younger women’s fertility?


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