What Your Best Friend Really Thinks About Your Relationship with a Rich Older Man

After three years, my ex-boyfriend Lex reen­tered my life. We were once in a seri­ous rela­tion­ship, but I wound up cheat­ing on him when he got abu­sive and he left me when he found out.

I still wasn’t in love with Lex, but I had remained sin­gle since leav­ing and it was my chance to get even. He flew to the island after months of cor­re­spond­ing back and forth. He had started off being his gen­er­ous self again, so when he decided to visit, I pre­tended it was fine. He came and he stayed at my apart­ment and when he saw how and where I was liv­ing, he was proud of me. I had opened my own bou­tique and I was doing quite well for myself.

The first night, we went out and had din­ner to just catch up. “Why did you dis­play such hatred and didn’t even want to speak with me back then?” I asked.

Your best friend, Shyon, kept me up to date on all your activ­i­ties. Do you remem­ber that day when you went to the beach with your other man? Well, she told me all the details and I was dev­as­tated,” said Lex. “I knew I was far from per­fect, but if you said I wasn’t help­ing you out, you would be lying. I just felt like I was being used by every­one and didn’t know who to believe. I was pay­ing for Shyon’s daughter’s school fee and I was tak­ing care of you. And you were busy sleep­ing around with another man.”

I con­fessed and told him every­thing about the affair. To be hon­est, I had no regrets. Lex told me about the things he was doing behind my back, too and that he had no right to be so hard on me. He said he had decided that I was the one he felt more like he could have set­tled with, and now that he was ready, he wanted to give us a sec­ond chance.

All I saw him as was more money. We started dat­ing and he would travel back and forth to see me. Once he stayed for about a month and I was not happy about that; he had stayed two weeks too long. Dur­ing one of his vis­its, we bumped into Shyon and you could see the look of shock in her eyes. She passed a com­ment about how nasty I was, but to be hon­est, it didn’t bother me. I didn’t have any inter­est in Lex; I just wanted her to see the power that I had. In the end, I felt like I had won.

I asked Shyon about what Lex had con­fessed to me, and she was adamant that he was lying. I knew he wasn’t lying, since the things he knew could have only come from her, me, or my secret sugar daddy, Chad—Chad didn’t know Lex, so it had to be Shyon.

Accord­ing to Lex, that night when she took my let­ter to him, she told him that he should not believe a sin­gle word I said; that I was just a good actress and that I only used men for their money. She told him that I allowed them to fall in love with me and then leave them hanging.

In the end I just decided to have noth­ing to do with her and her devi­ous behav­ior. She knew of all my past rela­tion­ships and knew that even though I loved money, I was never one to use peo­ple. How­ever, I was going to make an exam­ple of Lex and teach them both a lesson.