What Your Rich, Older Man Really Wants From You

What Your Rich, Older Man Really Wants From YouA lot of peo­ple are curi­ous about the impor­tance of sex­ual attrac­tion between a sugar daddy and his sugar baby. If he’s got the money, does the level of sex­ual attrac­tion even mat­ter for a sugar baby? Like­wise, would an older man still main­tain a rela­tion­ship with a sugar baby just on the basis of how sex­u­ally drawn to her he is?

Accord­ing to one sur­vey con­ducted by a sugar daddy match­mak­ing web site, men place much more value on sex­ual attrac­tion in a sugar daddy rela­tion­ship than women do. Of the 3,000 men and women sur­veyed, 91% of men admit­ted that sex­ual attrac­tion was either “very impor­tant” or “the most impor­tant part” of their May-December rela­tion­ship, com­pared to 51% of women who said the same. On the other end of the spec­trum, only four of the sugar dad­dies said sex­ual attrac­tion was “not impor­tant at all,” ver­sus 107 women.

These num­bers offer some valu­able insight into the mind of a sugar daddy, which is use­ful if you’re on the look­out for one. If you’re a younger woman look­ing to reel in a rich older man, you may want to start pay­ing a lit­tle more atten­tion to the vibe you’re giv­ing off when you’re out min­gling. Don’t be afraid to show a lit­tle extra cleav­age, or flash a seduc­tive smile the next time you catch the atten­tion of a poten­tial sugar daddy—if you can reel him in with your sex­ual prowess, there’s a bet­ter chance he’ll stick around for a relationship.

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