Who’s to Blame for Marc Anthony’s Failed Relationships With Younger Women?

Sugar Daddy Marc Anthony Failed RelationshipsEvery rela­tion­ship comes with chal­lenges, but it seems like there are always a few extra kinks when older men date younger women. Older men often come with a whole other set of bag­gage, com­plete with past rela­tion­ships, and pos­si­bly kids.

As a younger woman, it’s espe­cially hard liv­ing in the shad­ows of another woman—it’s even harder when their older man’s ex-wife is an inter­na­tional super­star. Retail heiress Chloe Green, 22, learned this les­son the hard way. She began dat­ing 44-year-old singer Marc Anthony—Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband—earlier this year; how­ever, they called it quits because Green felt like she couldn’t com­pete with Lopez. Green under­stood that there was no get­ting rid of Lopez because she was the mother of Anthony’s twins. But Green felt like Anthony wasn’t quite ready to let go of his past life. “She’s con­vinced he’s still in love with [Lopez]. He has fam­ily pho­tos all over the house, includ­ing near his bed. When Chloe asked him about it, he’d act awk­wardly and get very defen­sive,” a source told Closer magazine.

Becom­ing a step­mother at 22 was also an issue for Green, who quickly real­ized that adding kids to the equa­tion would make it next to impos­si­ble to sus­tain a solid rela­tion­ship with an older man.

This isn’t Anthony’s first failed rela­tion­ship with a younger woman. Before Green, he dated 26-year-old model Shan­non de Lima—they broke up after spend­ing over a year together. Although the deci­sion was said to be mutual and ami­ca­ble, the news of their split came just a cou­ple days after Anthony was spot­ted at a hotel with Lopez.


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