Why a Picnic in the Park Was Enough to Make Me Cheat on My Rich Older Man: Part 2

There was a hum in the air and the sound was com­ing closer and closer. Before I knew it, our car had stopped in front of a heli­copter, blades spin­ning. This man was putting me in a heli­copter. “Play your cards right girl and don’t act too sur­prised,” I reminded myself.

The Greek God helped me out of the car and into the wait­ing heli­copter. We were belted in when he turned to me and asked, “May I kiss you?” I nod­ded my head, giv­ing him per­mis­sion. He ten­derly kissed my lips. It was very soft and gen­tle. It wasn’t a long kiss, but one that made my heart flut­ter just a bit. A Greek God has a way of tak­ing your mind off your pre­vi­ous life—and your pre­vi­ous sugar daddy.

This was going to be my first heli­copter ride since I had taken a heli­copter tour of the Stet­son man’s ranch a few years back. My heart briefly sank think­ing of the Stet­son man and what he may have been doing at that very moment. I forced myself to think of my future and what the Greek God could pro­vide me. The heli­copter took off and the city below us seemed to be much smaller than it was. The Greek Gold told me he was going to give me a tour from the air. As we trav­eled above the city, we flew over the sports arena and he pointed out one of his homes. He showed me his cor­po­rate offices. After a lit­tle while, he instructed the pilot to land.

We left the heli­copter pad and got into a wait­ing car. He said he was hun­gry and asked if I was too. “Sure,” I replied casu­ally. He drove to a park where it became clear that he had planned the entire evening ahead of time. There was a table cov­ered in linens, a chilled bot­tle of wine, and a per­fect meal wait­ing for us. “I hope you like this. I thought it would be nice to sit out here and dine. I wanted us to be alone,” he said.

This is lovely. You must have read my mind.” I said. As we talked, he stated it was lonely at the top—so many eyes on you all the time, so many expec­ta­tions. What he found fas­ci­nat­ing about me on our last date was my will­ing­ness to go with the flow and to just have a great time. I lis­tened very intently to his secrets; I would be able to use them to my advan­tage later.

This Greek God was going to make my life very inter­est­ing. And it didn’t hurt that he was also incred­i­bly gor­geous. We sat in the park for hours, or so it seemed. I took note of every­thing he said. Once again, our date ended with just a hug, as it had on our first date. I only expe­ri­enced the brief kiss on the heli­copter. This man was prov­ing to be quite a chal­lenge. And it would be much big­ger than I ever imagined.