Why a Sugar Daddy Is a Great Alternative for Single Moms: Part 1

dating a sugar daddyAfter find­ing out that we would be sell­ing our house, I couldn’t help but feel a lit­tle heart­bro­ken. I know it was in everyone’s best inter­ests, but I hated hav­ing to move my kids out of the only home they knew. I left the lawyer’s office to go and pick up the papers from Mr. Johansen so that I could take them back to work with me.

I knew that my ex-husband had taken the day off, but I didn’t stick around to make small talk. I was too upset to stay there and face him, but he texted me shortly after and offered to pick up the kids from my mother’s place so that he could spend some time with them before I grabbed them after work. I told him that I didn’t know when I would be home, but that I was done at 5 o’clock and would have some errands to run after­ward. He told me to take my time and that he would be at the house with them until I got there.

As I got in the car, I thought back to how the meet­ing went. I was glad that cus­tody of our daugh­ters was divided evenly. I didn’t want my ex to have full custody—I loved my kids more than any­thing. I knew my ex loved them too, but with his work sched­ule, he would never be able to care for them as well as I could. And since Mr. Brown—my boss and lover—was so accept­ing of my kids, I wanted them to be com­fort­able around him, in case our office romance turned into a seri­ous relationship.

I opened my purse and pulled out my phone. I had a few text mes­sages from Mr. Brown ask­ing how things went at the lawyer’s office. I sent a brief mes­sage back say­ing that they went well, but not great. He told me to make sure that I met with Mr. Johansen as soon as I could because he needed to have those papers signed as soon as pos­si­ble. I checked the direc­tions again in my e-mail and real­ized that I was only going three or four miles away from my house.

As I drove around the neigh­bor­hood, I vaguely remem­bered Mr. Brown talk­ing about the area and the street—but why was I going there? I mean, there was no rea­son for me to drive all the way here to meet this man when I could have just met him at the real estate office, which was closer to work. I had a feel­ing that I was being set up by Mr. Brown—this was all part of some mas­ter plan that he had put together, but I just couldn’t fig­ure out what for…