Why a Sugar Daddy Is a Great Alternative for Single Moms: Part 2

I looked around and couldn’t help but notice the lovely park, with swings and a slide that looked like it had just been built. There were lus­cious trees lin­ing the streets, and a lot of older Victorian-style homes. I saw fam­i­lies out­side water­ing their lawns and kids rid­ing their bikes. It really was a beau­ti­ful neigh­bor­hood, as were the homes.

The house I pulled up to was all brick with black shut­ters and an Amer­i­can flag on the side. I saw Mr. Johansen sit­ting in a lit­tle sedan with a sticker of the real estate agency that we reg­u­larly worked with. We met in front of the house and shook hands. He asked if I was Amber, and when I nod­ded, he pre­sented me with the paper­work. He told me to sign on the line and, once Mr. Brown signed them as well, it would be mine. I looked at him confused.

He told me that the house had been in Mr. Brown’s fam­ily since he was a child. It was the home that he had grown up in—after both of his par­ents passed on, he bought out the mort­gage and has owned it for years. No one had lived in it for a while, so the weeds were high and it needed some repairs, but other than that, it was beau­ti­ful. Now, the house was mine.

I asked Mr. Johansen if I could look inside and he handed me a key. As I looked around, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The house had four large bed­rooms, a fire­place, and hard­wood floors. It had an antique charm that you just don’t find in new houses. I didn’t know what to think—was Mr. Brown really giv­ing me this house? I mean, he had given me gifts since we started our office romance, but noth­ing like this.

Mr. Johansen told me that Mr. Brown just needed to sign the papers and then the work­ers would be there to start the repairs on Mon­day. Much to his sur­prise, I all of a sud­den broke down in tears. Mr. Brown was my sav­ior. I knew that this was a house made for a fam­ily, and I was really hop­ing that this meant we were on our way to becom­ing one—I, my daugh­ters, and this man whom I never thought would become any­thing more than my boss. Mr. Brown truly was amaz­ing, and in that moment, I knew that I loved him more than ever before. I knew that as long as I had him, every­thing would be okay.