Why a Surprise Vacation From My Sugar Daddy Went Horribly Wrong (But How I Still Got What I Wanted): Part 1

After I real­ized that I wasn’t the only younger woman my sugar daddy, Michael, had wined and dined, I decided I needed to take a step back from the rela­tion­ship. I got home after my last bad date with Michael feel­ing less than pleased. I hap­pened to come across a guy’s num­ber in my old work bag. His name was Kee­gan, and he had inces­santly tried to get me to call him, until I finally quit my job at the bar. In a moment of indis­cre­tion, I sent him a text mes­sage and he replied right away.

I tossed my old work bag in the trash and went to take a shower. I didn’t know what to say to Kee­gan, so I sent him my e-mail address and asked for him to send me the train­ing mate­r­ial we’d dis­cussed. Before I passed out for the night, the mate­r­ial was already wait­ing in my inbox. “Wow, he’s really eager to please me,” I thought to myself. It was prob­a­bly just to get in my pants, but at that point, I wouldn’t have minded.

I asked if Kee­gan would mind chat­ting with me online for a while, maybe over web­cam or Skype. And so it began—we chat­ted and talked online for quite some time, and he actu­ally made me feel hap­pier than I had in a while. He helped me study and he didn’t ask for any­thing in return. We became quick friends, as we sur­pris­ingly had a lot in com­mon. Kee­gan really was a true gentleman.

Dur­ing this time, I con­tin­ued see­ing Michael, too. I decided not to move in with him, despite his gen­er­ous offer. He was a lit­tle sad about it, but ulti­mately, it became the best deci­sion, because he had already started see­ing another girl after I started ques­tion­ing him about his occa­sional erec­tile dys­func­tion. I sup­pose because I’d acknowl­edged it, it both­ered him. So, we started see­ing each other a lit­tle less, which was a good thing, because I was so exhausted.

One morn­ing, Michael called unusu­ally early. I answered hes­i­tantly, and before even say­ing hello, he said, “Pack your bags, we’re going on a trip for the week­end and we leave right now. So get ready and I will be by to pick you up in the limo. It’s going to be a four-hour drive, so be prepared.”

Where are we going? And why the limo?” I asked, still half asleep.

I’ll tell you all about it when I get there, and the limo because you don’t like to fly,” he said quickly before hang­ing up.

I was so con­fused. Was this his way of being spon­ta­neous? I didn’t have any plans for the week­end and just needed to bring two books to study, so I went along with the plan. I wasn’t sure what to pack, so I took mostly casual cloth­ing and one fancy outfit.

Not too long after I got off the phone, Michael pulled up in the limo, as promised. As usual, he sent the dri­ver to come get me and my bags. As I slid into the limo with my books and purse, Michael asked, “Do you like baseball?”

Well, hello to you, too,” I said bluntly. “Where are we going?”

I just bought a base­ball team and we are going to go check them out!” He was so excited, like a kid in a candy store. It was hard not to smile when he was this happy; it was infectious.

Once we arrived at the hotel we retreated to our room. Thank­fully, Michael had rented a suite with two mas­ter bath­rooms. I needed some time to myself to prepare…