Why Casey Kasem’s Family is Taking His Younger Wife to Court

Sugar Daddy Casey Kasem And His Younger WifeWhile 81-year-old Casey Kasem is lying in bed at home fight­ing Parkinson’s dis­ease, his fam­ily is gear­ing up to go to war in the court­room. Kasem’s chil­dren have accused his sec­ond wife, 59-year-old Jean Kasem, of keep­ing her sick hus­band locked up in the house and they’re now tak­ing legal action against their step­mother, just so they can see their father.

The kids have offi­cially filed for both the durable power of attor­ney for health care and health care con­ser­va­tor­ship of their father, which means that, if granted, they would be in charge of his health care, forc­ing Mrs. Kasem to grant them access.

Kasem’s fam­ily has no idea what he wants, or if he even knows the truth about what’s going on, because his young wife hasn’t said a sin­gle word about why she’s keep­ing his fam­ily away. After hold­ing a protest in front of their home, the kids sent a lawyer to nego­ti­ate with Kasem’s wife. But when that didn’t work, there was no option left but to take their step­mother to court. “It’s been really dif­fi­cult, but I am hop­ing she comes out and says, you know, ‘I’m sorry. Of course you can see your dad,’” said one of Kasem’s daugh­ters. “But we’ve heard noth­ing from her. Noth­ing. So our next step is legal action.”

One of the rea­sons Kasem’s wife may be keep­ing the chil­dren away is because she wants sole access to her older husband’s for­tune after he dies—he’s still esti­mated to be worth $80.0 mil­lion. But his kids are mak­ing it very clear that they’re not at all inter­ested in his money, which is why they’ve only applied for con­ser­va­tor­ship for his health­care and not his estate. His wife has yet to make any pub­lic com­ment about the fam­ily feud or her deci­sion to keep her hus­band locked up at home.

What do you think: Why do you think Casey Kasem’s wife is being so pro­tec­tive over her husband?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com