Why Dating Johnny Depp Has Turned Amber Heard Into a Self-Entitled Diva

Sugar Daddy Johnny Depp And Amber HeardAmber Heard and Johnny Depp are one of the most infa­mous May-December celebrity couples—they’re 23 years apart. When you’re a bud­ding actress dat­ing a super­star like Depp, it’s hard not to let it go to your head—after all, the 50-year-old sugar daddy hands every­thing to her on a gold plat­ter, like $50,000 dia­mond earrings.

It seems as if hav­ing a famous sugar daddy is mak­ing Heard feel a lit­tle more enti­tled than she should be. The 27-year-old actress report­edly threw a tantrum on the set of her upcom­ing movie, Lon­don Fields, just because fans were watch­ing as the film­ing took place. The onlook­ers were already present when Heard came out to shoot her scene, but when they started rolling, Heard wasn’t hav­ing it. “Right in the mid­dle of the scene she stopped and said, ‘How am I sup­posed to do this when all I can see is that guy in my eye­line?’” said an insider who was on the set at the time.

To make the actress happy, the crew report­edly had to stop film­ing imme­di­ately and put up a screen between Heard and the onlook­ers so that she could con­tinue the scene with­out any­thing to dis­tract her.


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Photo Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

  • J.B.

    So long as she doesn’t have “per­for­mance issues” when Johnny comes call­ing for his “pirate’s booty”, I doubt he’ll mind! LOL