Why Hooking Up with My Rich Older Boss Could Be the Best Decision I Ever Made: Part 1

I finally arrived at the air­port, still relaxed from my trip to the spa. The pam­per­ing was a gift from my boss/older lover Mr. Brown before we headed off to Chicago together for a work-related event.

I could see Mr. Brown wait­ing for me at the door with a huge smile on his face. We were run­ning a lit­tle behind sched­ule, so his chauf­feur helped to load our lug­gage onto carts so that we could get through the air­port faster. This was only the sec­ond time I had flown, so I was a lit­tle ner­vous. I guess Mr. Brown could sense my uneasi­ness because he reached over to stroke my hand. It was a sweet ges­ture, and it helped to ease my tension.

As we boarded the plane, I real­ized that Mr. Brown had upgraded my seat to first class. I was the one who had han­dled all the travel arrange­ments, so he must have called the air­line after­ward to make the changes. I was impressed: the one other time I had flown I was sit­ting in coach, and I was stuck next to a scream­ing child and an over­bear­ing lady who wanted to talk about her cats.

We had a direct flight, so I made myself com­fort­able with a book and tried to stay calm. Mr. Brown was sit­ting across the aisle from me and he asked the stew­ardess to bring me a glass of cham­pagne. I didn’t par­tic­u­larly want to drink, but I fig­ured it would help me relax. Mr. Brown told me to drink up, and to rest easy on the flight; we had a long week­end ahead of us and he didn’t want me to be exhausted.

The first night of the trip was strictly business—we had some clients to meet with and some upcom­ing cases to dis­cuss. We had din­ner reser­va­tions at eight fol­lowed by drinks, and then an early bed­time. We pulled up to the hotel and checked in at the front desk to get our room keys. Before we went our sep­a­rate ways, Mr. Brown told me to meet him in the lobby at half past seven, at which time the limo would be there to take us to dinner.

My room was amaz­ing: gor­geous decor, a huge king-size bed, and a whirlpool bath­tub. I had about two hours before I needed to meet Mr. Brown, so I unpacked and then got ready for din­ner. I decided on a nice pair of black pants and a fit­ted button-down blouse—it was lacy on the back and sides, show­ing a lit­tle skin but still very pro­fes­sional. He had com­pli­mented me when I wore it before, so I knew it was a favorite. I took off the tags from the new bra and under­wear I had bought and slipped them on—I didn’t know if things would go any­where tonight, but I wanted to be pre­pared with some­thing sexy just in case. I put on a lit­tle lip­stick, pulled my hair into a low chignon style bun, and headed for the elevator.

I knew we were going to be spend­ing the night work­ing, but I was dying to see how the night would unfold…