Why I Agreed to a Lunch Date with My Older, Married Ex-Lover: Part 2

may_december_relationship_august28_13I remem­ber that night when we got home, I called Der­rick as soon as my hus­band, Robert, had gone to sleep. I told him that I felt really guilty about what hap­pened, and that I knew it was just a kiss, but because it meant so much, the guilt was eat­ing away at me. I told him that I was unsure if I could be the type of woman who could break her vows. Sur­pris­ingly, he was very sup­port­ive. He said he was also unsure as to where he wanted us to go. He said that he really did real­ize how much he loved and missed his wife after their divorce. He was gen­uinely try­ing to work things out with her.

If you hadn’t come back into my life, there is no doubt that I would be a faith­ful man. I told you, Cassie, you are a dan­ger­ous woman.” I could hear the guilt in his voice as well, and I knew that it would be best if we were both just friends until we fig­ured it out.

So, we’ll take it slow, like you said a long time ago,” I said hon­estly. “And we’ll walk before we run. I could use an old friend, espe­cially one as sexy as you are—”

He inter­rupted me. “Watch your­self, Cassie. One wrong word and every­thing I said might go out the win­dow.” He paused and took a deep breath. “You know what you do to me.”

Der­rick and I con­tin­ued talk­ing over the phone, usu­ally when Robert wasn’t home. One par­tic­u­lar evening, I was on the phone with Der­rick when I heard Robert open the front door—he had just got­ten home from work. I quickly told Der­rick that I would con­tact him later and that we should set up a friendly lunch date, just to chat.

A part of me felt guilty. While I wasn’t hav­ing a full-fledged affair with Der­rick, I was still break­ing my vows by being secre­tive and think­ing of another man. I had a heavy heart and gen­uinely felt bad, and it was about to get worse. I could have never pre­pared for the con­ver­sa­tion that was about to take place.

  • Melanie

    She needs to divorce her hus­band and get with the lover!