Why I Know There’s Nothing My Older Man Won’t Do For Me: Part 2

dog collarThe Stet­son man felt respon­si­ble for Frankie being gone, and I was a mess of emo­tions. The three of us searched the neigh­bor­hood, and after sev­eral hours with no luck the very mar­ried Stet­son man needed to get home. My friend and I con­tin­ued the search well into the dark hours of the evening. We put up fliers; we called out his name; we asked peo­ple if they had seen him. But still no luck. The Stet­son man felt hor­ri­ble, and he phoned many times that evening to fol­low our progress. The next morn­ing he called and said that we needed to replace all our Frankie posters with ones that offer a reward—my boyfriend was going to give $1,000 for Frankie’s safe return. And so we printed up new posters and went back out into the neigh­bor­hood to replace the old ones. I noticed what looked like the Stet­son man’s lit­tle sports car slowly dri­ving around a few blocks over, search­ing for Frankie, too. After replac­ing all the posters and sev­eral more hours of fruit­less search­ing and call­ing out for Frankie, my friend and I returned to my house.

The Stet­son man was in his car, stop­ping each time he saw some­one to ask if they had seen Frankie. He passed by a home­owner in his dri­ve­way, and the Stet­son man asked about Frankie. The gen­tle­man said, “You mean Coach?” Frankie had been wear­ing a Coach leather col­lar the after­noon he had escaped. The gen­tle­man went inside to retrieve Frankie. We learned later that the gen­tle­man and his wife had found my dog run­ning down the street, and they had picked him up and taken him home where his wife wanted to keep him. The Stet­son man gave the gen­tle­man the $1,000 reward when he had Frankie back in his arms.

Mean­while, my friend and I were at my home think­ing that some­one had prob­a­bly picked Frankie up to keep as his or her new pet. I was sit­ting in my office look­ing out the win­dow when I saw the Stet­son man’s lit­tle sports car pull into the dri­ve­way. I fig­ured he was think­ing the same thing, and that was why he had given up his search, but then he opened the garage door that led into my house, and I could not believe my eyes. The Stet­son man, grin­ning hugely, was car­ry­ing Frankie. And I swear Frankie was smil­ing, too. In that moment, I fell fur­ther in love with the Stet­son man. He told us about how he had found Frankie, and I thanked him for giv­ing the neigh­bor the reward money, espe­cially since the neigh­bor had not even seen the poster.

That year, Frankie received an Easter bas­ket from those nice peo­ple. And soon after Frankie’s return, the Stet­son man decided that Frankie should have another dog for com­pany. Both Frankie and his sis­ter, Sue, sleep in our bed at night, one near the Stet­son man’s feet, and the other near mine.