Why I Regret Not Following a Two-Drink Maximum on a Date with a Rich Older Man: Part 1

I was sit­ting in the air­port bar drink­ing a glass of wine and review­ing my to-do list to pre­pare for travel. What I should have been doing is giv­ing myself a much needed pep talk. Instead, I was review­ing every­thing that had to be com­pleted before this trip. It was the usual stuff, like drop clothes off at the dry clean­ers; stop at the salon for color, pedi­cure, man­i­cure, and wax­ing; pick up the clothes from the dry clean­ers; clean out the refrig­er­a­tor; put the trash out; laun­dry; and pack.

The bar­tender finally snapped me out of my deep thoughts. My first response to her was, “What?” I seri­ously did not hear what she said to me. She took me by sur­prise. I asked her to repeat what she said. Again, she relayed to me that when I walked into the bar, a gen­tle­man who had been sit­ting nearby asked her if I was a model. I was tall, and taller today due to the high heel boots I was wear­ing. I smiled and told her no, but I would take it as a com­pli­ment. I was smil­ing, but inside my heart was sink­ing because I had no idea who I was.

I kept telling myself that this was my best way out. I would be fine; this plan would pay off in the end. My best friend, Tori, was on board, too. When I did get too far­fetched with my ideas, Tori was quick to reel me in. She had not done that with this idea. Instead, she was the one who helped me come to this con­clu­sion. She knew I needed to do this.

It wouldn’t be so bad. I thought the Greek God was sexy and kind, just the sort of man I could fall in love with. I just couldn’t go there this time. After all, I didn’t know how many other women he had this arrange­ment with. What did his wife think of this arrange­ment? Did she know? Did she have her own sugar daddy on the side, too? How long had they lived this way? Did he love her? It was inter­est­ing; I had never really thought these things with the Stet­son man. Yes, I knew he was mar­ried, but it was dif­fer­ent with him. He was open—we had talked and got­ten to know one another before he was my sugar daddy. He told me so many times how much he loved me. There was a time, not too long ago, when we were plan­ning a future together…