Why I Risked My Marriage for the Older Man Who Cheated on Me

Why I Risked My Marriage for the Older Man Who Cheated On MeMy hus­band, Robert, was, is, and will always be a wise man. He started his busi­ness at the age of 26 with the right peo­ple, in the right mar­ket, and at the right time—he put in all his effort in order to achieve suc­cess. By the time I met him, he was 37 and already a well-established, promi­nent busi­ness­man with mil­lions in the bank. He mar­ried young, but divorced only two years into the mar­riage after he caught his wife cheat­ing with his best friend. This expe­ri­ence made it very dif­fi­cult for him to trust me, mak­ing it the root of all of our troubles.

When I first met Robert, he was the per­fect gen­tle­man. In many ways, he reminded me of Der­rick, except that Robert was truly there for me, day and night. No mat­ter the hour, no mat­ter the dis­tance, Robert was there when I needed him to be. When my brother passed away unex­pect­edly, Robert was my rock—he helped me stay strong when I felt noth­ing but weak­ness. Per­haps I was vul­ner­a­ble when I first met him and because of that, I just turned my back on things that later tor­mented and hurt our mar­riage. Or maybe things just changed after the wedding.

When Robert first asked me to sign a prenup, I agreed. The con­di­tions of the prenup made me com­fort­able and I knew that I would never cheat on this man, so I could be enti­tled to many of the assets if the mar­riage failed. When I signed the prenup, I was madly in love and he reas­sured me that it was just to keep his assets safe. A lot of my friends and fam­ily told me to stand firm and not sign it, but the real­ity was that it seemed fair. The money he had built before we met was undoubt­edly his. Any­thing he made while we were together, how­ever, was fair game. The real­ity was that I was not out for his money; I was out for his love. I promised to love this man for the rest of my life and had every inten­tion of doing just that.

When my ex, Der­rick, fol­lowed me down the hall­way that night at the restau­rant, my heart began to race. I felt a rush of adren­a­line run through my body—I was lit­er­ally ecsta­tic to see him. He caught up to me in the hall­way and grabbed my hand, just like old times. Our eyes met and I felt a warmth in my heart that I had not felt in years, not even with my hus­band. Der­rick grabbed the back of my head, but as he leaned in to kiss me, I pulled away.

I’m mar­ried now,” I said, hop­ing this would stop him.

So?” he said as he pulled me close to him. “I was mar­ried before.” He tried to kiss me again, and again, I pushed him back.

I haven’t talked to you in almost two years.”  I raised my eye­brow to show him that I was upset.

So let’s talk,” he inter­rupted. “Meet me at my OC office at two.” He winked and walked away. I watched him walk down the hall­way and turn the cor­ner. I felt giddy and con­fused. I had not seen this man for years. I thought I was over him and that I was hap­pily mar­ried now. But see­ing him in his usual suit, walk­ing with his usual charm, and look­ing at me with eyes full of desire, I started to second-guess my mar­riage. I loved Robert, but see­ing Der­rick made me want to run right back into his arms.

The next morn­ing, I got up, made Robert his break­fast, and did some­thing I hadn’t done in a while—I went to the mall and bought a sexy out­fit. I made sure the dress that I bought was red—it was Derrick’s favorite color on me. I bought a new pair of heels and strapped my Her­mes bag on my shoul­der. At ten past two, I was wait­ing for Der­rick at his office.