Why I Said ‘No’ to Marrying My Sugar Daddy

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Noth­ing could beat my older man’s sense of sur­prise and cre­ativ­ity! Our 22-year age dif­fer­ence gave Sam an edge over younger men in know­ing how to keep the fun in a rela­tion­ship. Most men in my age group—mid-20s—didn’t have the money or inven­tive­ness to keep me on my toes the way Sam did.

I want to take you some­where for din­ner Fri­day night. Wear a nice dress, but bring a warm jacket,” Sam said. Know­ing how he oper­ated, I would spend the next few days in great antic­i­pa­tion about where we were going, which, of course, was exactly what he intended. That Fri­day, he drove 60 miles to a roman­tic, out­door restau­rant that over­looked a lake. Iron­i­cally, the area we had just dri­ven from was sur­rounded by lakes.

Another one of his favorites would hap­pen as I was fol­low­ing him home from work. I’d see his turn sig­nal indi­cat­ing he was turn­ing off the reg­u­lar route. Fol­low­ing, I’d see him drive into the park­ing lot of one of our favorite restau­rants, and he would buy me din­ner. He did this just enough that I didn’t expect it, so when it did hap­pen, it was always a delight.

One sur­prise Sat­ur­day, he picked me up for lunch and drove 75 miles up into the hills to a porce­lain fac­tory that had a restau­rant attached. We had lunch at a table over­look­ing the hills and then toured the factory.

Sam’s years of expe­ri­ence with women—his wife and his affairs—had taught him that we like to be “swept away.” He did his best at this, which, of course, gave him extra rewards in the bedroom.

Like most women would, I loved the pam­per­ing! Sure, he was 46, but I was only 24 and still enjoy­ing life. There was plenty of time for me to marry and have a fam­ily. I was so into pleasure-seeking, how­ever, that the next thing I knew, I was 34. That was when I pulled the plug on our May-December rela­tion­ship and ended it.

Sam had always told me, “I make a bet­ter boyfriend than a hus­band.” I even­tu­ally found out that he couldn’t be more right.

While he was very much into the court­ing aspect of our May-December rela­tion­ship, he didn’t want the attached strings of another mar­riage. The truth is, early on in our rela­tion­ship I did want to marry him, but he did me a huge favor by leav­ing us sta­tus quo, because when it ended, it was clean, and I did not have the heart­break of a divorce.

Two years later, I did marry a won­der­ful man, but our attempt at hav­ing chil­dren proved unsuc­cess­ful. I had one non-functioning ovary, fibroids in my uterus, and severe endometrio­sis. We did not seek out extra­or­di­nary pro­ce­dures to get preg­nant, since I was get­ting older; rather, we decided to leave it to fate. So, while I might have been too late to have any chil­dren, for­tu­nately I was not too late to find the ideal man to marry, share my life with, and grow old with.