Why I Threatened to Tell My Sugar Daddy’s Wife About Our Affair (and What It Cost Him to Keep Me Quiet): Part 2

Chad expressed his anger and dis­ap­point­ment and told me he didn’t know I was like that. “We don’t know each other well enough for you to act like you know what I will and will not do,” I said.

All he said back was, “You’ll have the money.” And with that, he drove off. I could see the pain in his eyes, but I was in a posi­tion and I was des­per­ately try­ing to cling to what­ever I had left. Dur­ing this time, my preg­nancy was start­ing to really show, not to men­tion the morn­ing sickness.

I booked an appoint­ment with the doc­tor and dis­cussed my options—I opted to go ahead with the abor­tion. Chad could not know; I didn’t want him to know. The last thing I wanted was for him to think I was just try­ing to trap him. As painful as it was for me, I went through with it. I had no sup­port. I even lied to my dad and told him that I had lost the baby naturally.

I was all alone. My friend, Shyon, had left the island two months ear­lier, and since she was the one that had told Lex every­thing, I stopped trust­ing her and we lost touch.

After that, Chad and I hardly spoke. Before I left, I got a week­end job as a host­ess and that gave me enough money to buy a few things to take back home. Chad and his wife were at the party, and when he came over to com­pli­ment me on how well I looked, it was all just too sad.

A week before my visa ran out and I was due to leave, my pass­port had mys­te­ri­ously gone miss­ing. Till today, I still think that Shyon was the one who took it, since no else had access to it. Chad’s friend came to the res­cue. His brother was a police offi­cer and he helped me to get back home on a police report.

I was heart­bro­ken, I had fallen for Chad hard and fast. He wasn’t mine to love or to have. When he finally gave me the money, I knew that was the end of us. We have man­aged to remain friends, but my black­mail scheme has never really allowed us to go back to the way we were before. We cur­rently remain in con­tact and often speak about the past. In some ways, I think he has for­given me, but I still bat­tle with myself for stoop­ing that low. We often speak about meet­ing up, and I think some­day we might. He is still as charm­ing as he was when I first met him, and he has hardly aged.

Lex, on the other hand, after years of decid­ing to have noth­ing to do with me, sent me an e-mail in which he expressed how used he felt and how much I had hurt him. But he said he had reached a cross­roads in his life and was mak­ing life-changing deci­sions. He wanted us to try and work things out.

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    Rule #1 of sugar babies, never bring a pros­ti­tute to your place.
    Rule #2 see rule #1