Why I Threatened to Tell My Sugar Daddy’s Wife About Our Affair (and What It Cost Him to Keep Me Quiet): Part 1

It was all over. After find­ing out that I had been cheat­ing on him, my boyfriend Lex refused to see me and stopped his money after find­ing out that I had been secretly dat­ing a sugar daddy, Chad. And at the time, I had no money and no job, since I was on a tourist visa. Plus, I would not have wanted to stay there. Too much had hap­pened too quickly; it was a small island and I just wanted to leave. Lex had acted like I com­mit­ted the ulti­mate sin. He wasn’t speak­ing to me. He wanted noth­ing to do with me.

When I asked Chad to help pay my bills for a while, I real­ized that he was fine with spend­ing money, as long as he was get­ting some­thing in return. But I couldn’t get over the fact that he was mar­ried and never told me. I felt so hope­less. I had come to the island to start fresh, but had man­aged to get myself in a jam after only six months.

Chad and I weren’t the same after the whole inci­dent, but I loved him, and I was hurt­ing, so I kept see­ing him. One night, while his wife and kids were on vaca­tion, we ended up back at his place. He had just put on a major show with some inter­na­tional artist and he had a great turnout—the show was a huge suc­cess. He and I were still rocky, but for that one night, we enjoyed our­selves at the show. When I told him that I wanted to leave, he told me to wait until he had orga­nized for every­thing to be sorted in his absence.

On the drive back, I real­ized he wasn’t going in the direc­tion of my place; he was tak­ing me to his house. I had vowed never to do that, but that night we made love in every room of the house—it was bit­ter­sweet. After my ex Keith, Chad was the only man that had been able to sat­isfy me sex­u­ally. I loved his com­pany and I loved almost every­thing about him. I could for­give him for not telling me about his wife or even hit­ting on my friend. Not that my self-esteem was that low, but it’s just that over the years, my heart had become hard to a lot of things that ordi­nary women might not tolerate.

We left in the morn­ing before his neigh­bors saw me. I knew he was in love with me, too, and he did care about me, but I also knew that he would never have left his wife.

Money had become slow. Chad seemed to be fine with the fancy win­ing and din­ing, but he wasn’t the kind of man to just give me money to pay my bills. When I real­ized that my only option was to go back home, I asked him to pur­chase my ticket and he refused. I don’t know if he said no because he didn’t want me to go, but his refusal angered me. That night, I saw him in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent light.

I found out I was preg­nant, and no one else knew except my dad. I was going to tell Chad, but after I had asked him for the money, our rela­tion­ship took an ugly turn. I threat­ened to tell his wife about our affair and about the night I slept in her bed while she and the kids were away. I told him that I would tell her the color of their bed­room walls bed linen; I would tell her details that I could only know because I was there. He was shocked and demanded to see me right away…