Why I Was Absolutely Terrified After I Broke Up with My Sugar Daddy: Part 2

I was preg­nant. I was preg­nant, sin­gle, and liv­ing in a crappy lit­tle apart­ment. I was terrified.

The entire next day, I just slept. I was prob­a­bly exhausted because of the preg­nancy. I had sched­uled a doctor’s appoint­ment to begin pre­na­tal care and was think­ing of ways to tell Kee­gan he was about to become a father out of wed­lock. That evening, I started to bleed. Imme­di­ately tak­ing myself to the ER, I texted Kee­gan to please meet me there.

He beat me there, but because we weren’t mar­ried, secu­rity wouldn’t allow him back with­out my per­mis­sion. “What’s wrong, what’s going on? Viv, I miss you,” he said as he hugged me. I started cry­ing my eyes out. “I’m preg­nant and I think I’m los­ing the baby,” I howled sit­ting on the hos­pi­tal bed.

He was absolutely shocked. “What? Really? Oh, Vivian,” he held me close as I cried. The doc­tor came in. I showed him a pic­ture of all of the pos­i­tive preg­nancy tests. “We will do some test­ing, but usu­ally when it’s this early, it’s a good pos­si­bil­ity that you are hav­ing a mis­car­riage,” the doc­tor said bluntly.

Any­thing the doc­tor said from that point on fell on deaf ears. I just couldn’t process what was hap­pen­ing. My brain seized up.  The end result was that I had, in fact, mis­car­ried our first child. In a span of 48 hours, I lost the future home, the future hus­band, and the future child. Luck­ily for me, Kee­gan has the patience of a saint in times of need. He held me, took care of me, and was there for me as a friend. It was like our breakup never even hap­pened; we were back together and he sim­ply brought over a bag of clothes.

Over the course of the next few months, we looked at houses together and finally landed a sin­gle fam­ily home in a neigh­bor­hood I liked. The owner needed a lit­tle extra time than usual to clear out, but it was per­fect tim­ing for us to move in right before my March birth­day. Over­all, this was a much bet­ter deci­sion and it was all on my own with Keegan’s sup­port. I signed the paper­work in the early after­noon, then had a roman­tic din­ner planned with Kee­gan, and he wanted to take me ice skating.

The din­ner was great, I wore the ear­rings he teased me with over Christ­mas mak­ing me think it was an engage­ment ring. Then we went to the ice skat­ing rink, and as I was stand­ing there look­ing at the line and peo­ple, I asked if we could do some­thing else, like sit on the beach and look at the city lights across the water. Kee­gan was dis­heart­ened because he really wanted to take me ice skat­ing for the first time, but he ulti­mately agreed. I’d later find out why he was so insis­tent on tak­ing me ice skating.