Why I Was So Scared Standing at the Altar with a Rich Older Man on Our Wedding Day

The grooms­men entered first, escort­ing the moth­ers and then the brides­maids, all tak­ing their places on either side of the dec­o­rated white trel­lis. Our two flower girls entered next, pulling a wagon dec­o­rated with flow­ers and pil­lows around our six-month old baby girl, dressed in a pretty white dress with a cham­pagne col­ored bow.

Finally, it was our turn—I was finally going to marry the older man of my dreams. The string quar­tet started play­ing our song, “With or With­out You” by U2. My step­fa­ther Jim couldn’t hear it, because he was mostly deaf and for­got his hear­ing aids. So I nudged him and off we went. As we entered through the French doors of the build­ing, my eyes quickly scanned the entire room. Every­thing was in place, just as I imag­ined it.

We walked in slowly as the song played; I started to cry so instead of try­ing to look at every­one, I looked down at the floor. As we got closer to the altar, I looked up to see Kee­gan stand­ing there, smil­ing at me, tears in his eyes, too.

We finally made it; after every­thing we had been through, we were finally here. Jim handed me off to Kee­gan and walked back to his seat next to my mom. As the cer­e­mony began, I could tell some­thing was wrong. Kee­gan and the grooms­men were all whis­per­ing mes­sages down the line and back before Rob, who was stand­ing at the very end, dis­ap­peared into the back room. Kee­gan and Richard kept point­ing to Richard’s wed­ding ring and I real­ized what Kee­gan was say­ing. “We for­got the rings!”

I just started laugh­ing hys­ter­i­cally and loudly. I laughed so hard that Mike had to stop the cer­e­mony, because at this point the entire bridal party was laugh­ing. Finally, Rob had the rings and every­one set­tled down. Kee­gan and I turned to face each other and took each other’s hands.

Mike, my step­brother, began read­ing our vows. It wasn’t long before there was a prayer, and then another, and then another. I had only agreed to one prayer, but I was get­ting ready to say some­thing, Kee­gan squeezed my hand and pulled me just a lit­tle closer to him.

Finally, we said “I do” and kissed. Kee­gan was sweat­ing bul­lets. As we turned to face our fam­i­lies and friends, we were both radi­antly smil­ing. Tears rolled down my face as we walked out of the recep­tion hall to the string quar­tet play­ing “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay.

Kee­gan held me close, kiss­ing me once we made it out­side. Finally, we had our wed­ding toast speeches, food was served, and we danced the rest of the night. Because we had our wed­ding on a Sun­day, most peo­ple didn’t stay past 8 p.m., thank­fully too, because we were all wiped.

Kee­gan and I headed home while our baby spent one more night with my in-laws. On the way, we stopped at Mt. Wash­ing­ton all dressed in our wed­ding out­fits. We just sat together and rem­i­nisced about our first date, his pro­posal, and now our wed­ding day.

I knew Kee­gan had been drink­ing at the recep­tion, but it wasn’t until we were sit­ting along after it was all over that he made a sur­pris­ing con­fes­sion. He was appar­ently pretty drunk dur­ing the cer­e­mony too, because he was afraid that I was going to run off at the last minute. His rea­son­ing was that he wanted to be numb before get­ting dumped at the altar, but yet again, he says I sur­prised him. Through­out our May-December rela­tion­ship, I dumped him sev­eral times, but I would never leave some­one at the altar. I under­stood where he was com­ing from, so decided not to make a big deal out of it. Every­thing ended up work­ing out the way it was sup­posed to.

We some­how man­aged to get a ton of ran­dom pic­tures from five dif­fer­ent cam­eras, and it wasn’t until four years into our mar­riage that we got the high-resolution pic­tures of our wed­ding from John. It truly was a very lovely event, on a smaller bud­get, at my request. Kee­gan loves that about me. We could have done a lot more, and spent a lot more money, but look­ing back, it was the per­fect wed­ding for us.

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