Why I Was So Willing to Strip Naked For a Rich Older Man at Work: Part 1

It had been about six months that I had been work­ing as a sec­re­tary in an office. And in those six months, I devel­oped a crush on the much older man­ager of another office that was con­nected to ours. At the time, I just saw it as a school­girl crush; one that would only exist in my imag­i­na­tion and never turn into reality.

Bran­don was well-respected and a sought-after bach­e­lor. From the gos­sip that floated around the office, it seemed that he had just recently come back from a big move to Alaska. The story was that after his most recent divorce, he jumped into a rela­tion­ship with a fel­low church mem­ber; they fell in love (or rather lust) and were ready to move together to Alaska and open up a fel­low­ship church.

About two months after his leave, Bran­don came back, slid right into the posi­tion he left behind, and there were no ques­tions asked. Many of the ladies spec­u­lated on what really happened—an early case of cold feet per­haps, there was even talk that the woman wasn’t all there, which usu­ally fol­lowed with the ges­ture that she was crazy.

Bran­don had come back right after I had already started work­ing as a sec­re­tary. And it was with this gos­sip that I began my attrac­tion to the sexy man who grinned at me every time he came in. There was so much that he hid beneath his con­fi­dent smile and immac­u­late appear­ance; there was this rebel­lious­ness so tan­gi­ble that it made me second-guess myself about pur­su­ing any­thing with him.

I worked mostly on the week­ends, thanks to my col­lege over­load dur­ing the week. But it was on the week­ends that Bran­don made most of his appear­ances in the office, much to my joy. One Sat­ur­day morn­ing he came in, said hello to the other ladies, and then sat in the desk diag­o­nally from the one I was sit­ting at.

And how’s the most beau­ti­ful girl in the office doing today?” he asked with his sig­na­ture bari­tone voice.

At this point, I knew to just laugh and roll my eyes at Brandon’s com­pli­ments, because they were just a part of his charm. He was a well-known flirt with the ladies and I was no excep­tion, no mat­ter how much I wished I was.

I could be bet­ter if I could just be at home, sleep­ing in. How about you?” I replied.

Sleep in? A girl your age? You should be out doing all the things I used to! Get in trou­ble, have fun,” he said as he smiled. His eyes looked past me, as if he had trig­gered a mem­ory of his own. I couldn’t help but just stare at him. My eyes wan­dered down to his neck, the col­lar of his shirt barely cov­er­ing up an obvi­ously detailed tattoo.

Oh, every­one knew Bran­don had a past. But what exactly hap­pened in it was anyone’s guess. All I knew from that moment was that this was a man who had clearly been there, done that, and expressed that fact with his con­fi­dent demeanor. He was the kind of guy I needed. I wasn’t sure what his views on com­mit­ment were, but my guess was that his per­son­al­ity made it clear. And that’s when I decided that Bran­don was going to be my newest fling, and this time, there were going to be no emo­tions involved. I just had to fig­ure out how to get in…