Why I Was So Willing to Strip Naked For a Rich Older Man at Work: Part 2

My spring semes­ter came and went. I decided to take advan­tage of my sum­mer break by using it to spend more time with Brandon.

I made the effort to show my boss at work that I wasn’t just another pretty face with no brains. Tak­ing on the tasks of an assis­tant admin­is­tra­tor, I was help­ing out a lot and so my man­ager had me come in almost every sin­gle day. I didn’t really com­plain; other than Melinda, I didn’t really have that many friends to make plans with. And the end result was pay­checks to spend on shop­ping trips—if I was going to be work­ing so much, I might as well be well dressed.

Being in the office every day cer­tainly worked in my favor. I was run­ning errands for my man­ager and some of those errands just hap­pened to lead me to Brandon’s office every so often. I was also at the office when­ever Bran­don stopped by. It was the per­fect setup for our flirty exchange to blos­som, which it did. I wasn’t the most con­fi­dent woman in the world, but there was some­thing about this older man that made me feel sexy and beau­ti­ful. It was in the way that he looked at me, almost as if he was ready to strip me naked there on the desk. And I would have been more than willing.

The attrac­tion started out as phys­i­cal; he was drop-dead sexy, exud­ing con­fi­dence, and scream­ing rebel in his demeanor. Bran­don had brown hair and wore it slicked back, and his chis­eled jaw was high­lighted by the anchor beard he sported. Though he wasn’t very tall, he more than made up for it with his broad shoul­ders and mus­cu­lar arms.

What ulti­mately sealed the attrac­tion with Bran­don were his arms, which I had the luck to see uncov­ered. As it so hap­pened I was in the office early one morn­ing and Bran­don was join­ing my boss in a con­fer­ence. Appar­ently Bran­don had been run­ning late, because the minute I turned around from my desk, there he was shov­ing his arms through each sleeve of his white but­ton up. He didn’t notice that I saw as he strolled down the hall, but I cer­tainly took note of the full-sleeve tat­toos on both his arms that he usu­ally hid.

I knew that Bran­don had tat­toos. But to see that both arms were detailed in col­ored art was kind of shock­ing. Both bulging biceps were cov­ered in hues of blue and green, and for the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but imag­ine myself in-between them. See­ing those tat­toos not only took me by sur­prise but impressed me. There was def­i­nitely another side to Bran­don, and I wouldn’t be able to rest until I unleashed it.