Why I Wouldn’t Regret Cheating on My Husband with a Sugar Daddy: Part 1

As I sat in Derrick’s office, I was still unsure about why I was really there. The night before, I could not sleep because I couldn’t stop wor­ry­ing about what I was about to do. All I could think about was my hus­band, Robert. I knew that I could not jeop­ar­dize our marriage—I wasn’t just wor­ried about los­ing the money, but I really did love him. Despite his faults, Robert loved me uncon­di­tion­ally and would be com­pletely heart­bro­ken if I betrayed his trust, just like his first wife did. I spent the major­ity of our dat­ing rela­tion­ship reas­sur­ing him that I would never hurt him, and that I would only have eyes for him. But now here I was, sit­ting in the office of an older man I once loved. The worst part is that when­ever I was around Der­rick when we were together, I felt absolutely no inhi­bi­tions. What if I wouldn’t be able to con­trol myself this time around?

Der­rick finally walked in. He was smil­ing and laugh­ing while talk­ing on the phone. I real­ized right away that he was talk­ing to another woman that he was roman­ti­cally involved with. I knew him far too well to think oth­er­wise. I felt fool­ish and dumb and imme­di­ately wanted to leave. Why would I think things would be any dif­fer­ent this time around? Why did I think he would have changed? When I stood up to walk out, he quickly hung up the phone and shook his head from side to side, ges­tur­ing the word, “No.”

You can’t leave. You just got here, Cassie.” He smirked and I felt even more ridicu­lous. I was a mar­ried woman in an ex-lover’s office with the inten­tion to do what? Have an affair? Do exactly what Der­rick did to me when we were together? I did not want to be that woman anymore—I refused to hurt my hus­band the way Der­rick hurt me. I refused to do the same thing Robert’s ex-wife did to him. And yet, I couldn’t bring myself to move.

I think I made a mis­take. I should have never come here. I don’t know what I’m doing, Der­rick. I saw you and I just—” I paused to find the right words. I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t know how to say it. “I wanted clo­sure. You hurt me. You blamed every­thing on me,” I said. Old feel­ings flooded me like a storm, but I con­tin­ued. “You left me no choice but to run. I loved you so much. I just wanted you. I didn’t care about the money. I just—” He inter­rupted me, but I never expected him to say what he said next…

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