Why It Pays to Be the “Other Woman” This Valentine’s Day

Tomor­row may be Valentine’s Day, but it turns out that today is just as impor­tant if you’re dat­ing a sugar daddy who’s mar­ried, because Feb­ru­ary 13 has report­edly become known as “Mis­tress Day.” Since mar­ried men who are hav­ing an affair will pre­sum­ably be win­ing and din­ing their wives on Valentine’s Day, the major­ity of them will be spend­ing the day before spoil­ing their mis­tresses and secret sugar babies.

Accord­ing to a recent sur­vey, nearly three-quarters (71%) of the mar­ried men polled said they’ll be spend­ing Feb­ru­ary 13 with their mis­tress so that Feb­ru­ary 14 is left free for their wife, dous­ing any sus­pi­cions of their illicit affair. Of that 71%, 42% of them will be in a hotel with their mis­tress, and over a third (35%) will be tak­ing her to a pub.

While sugar babies lose out on get­ting to spend the actual day with their sugar daddy, they do get the bet­ter end of the deal when it comes to gifts. The sur­vey revealed that 81% of the cheat­ing men are plan­ning to spend up to $500.00 on Valentine’s Day gifts for their mis­tress, but 55% will spend less than half of that on their wife.

The sur­vey also found that among men who are hav­ing an affair, the most pop­u­lar Valentine’s Day gifts for their mis­tress are still jew­elry or sexy lin­gerie. Inter­est­ingly, we also asked EarnTheNecklace.com read­ers about what kind of gifts they want from their sugar daddy this year, and the major­ity said some­thing from Tiffany & Co. Mean­while, most wives will just be get­ting flow­ers or perfume.

What do you think: If your sugar daddy is mar­ried, will you be spend­ing the day before Valentine’s Day with him?


Lon­don, B., “For­get Valentine’s Day, it’s MISTRESS DAY today: On 13 Feb­ru­ary cheat­ing men spend £200 more on illicit girl­friends than on wives,” Daily Mail web site, Feb­ru­ary 13, 2014; http://goo.gl/eSSQ7m.

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