Why It’s Always a Good Idea to Flirt with a Hot, Rich, Older Man at Work: Part 1

I had just left my sleaze­bag boyfriend and had moved back home. To try and get my life together again, I decided to get a retail job in the mall until I could re-enroll in school again. My hours were very lim­ited at the new job. And since it was sea­sonal, I did my best to make sure I was being noticed so that it would hope­fully lead to a per­ma­nent part-time posi­tion. I slaved away at the reg­is­ter, did as many clos­ing shifts as I could, and even cov­ered shifts for half of the girls that were newly hired with me.

As the weeks went by, I was get­ting more on-call shifts than usual, so I was more aware of the type of cus­tomers we got, usu­ally women and young teens. One day, as I was restock­ing the shelves at work, I heard a deep male voice behind me.

Um, I have a ques­tion, miss?” I turned around and a man old enough to be my father was look­ing at me, eye­brows raised with a con­fused look plas­tered on his face.

I smiled and replied, “Of course, how can I help you?” I put the remain­ing lotions I had in my hand down on the shelf and motioned for him to go on with his question.

Right, I was shop­ping for some lotions for my wife. The thing is she’s very picky when it comes to the fra­grance. I want to get her some­thing that smells good and that she’ll like. Not only for her but for me, you know?” he smiled at me and I felt myself get flus­tered. He was obvi­ously older than me, but there was still some­thing attrac­tive about him. He had beau­ti­ful blue eyes and was a foot taller than I was. At his age, he was in shape and you could tell. If it weren’t for the salt and pep­per hair he was sport­ing, he would’ve looked a lot younger than what he actu­ally was.

Tak­ing my eyes off the older man’s face, I glanced at the shelves full of lotions and body sprays, try­ing to remem­ber the newest fra­grances we had on sale. Not being able to think of any at the top of my head, I changed my mind and did what we were trained to do. I took the older man to the sec­tion of our more pop­u­lar scents.

Well, right here are our sig­na­ture scents; they’re our most pop­u­lar ones. I’m not sure if she’s more into the richer scents or is she more of a cit­rus, clean smelling kind of per­son?” I grabbed two lotions and dabbed some on my hand, rub­bing it in so that he could smell it. It was some­thing that I was used to doing, since my cus­tomers were usu­ally other women. So when the gen­tle­man grabbed my hand and brought it up just an inch under his nose close to his lips, I felt my face go red. Try­ing to play off my ner­vous­ness, I smiled politely.

She’s def­i­nitely into the richer scents,” he chuck­led as he said some sort of inside joke that I was meant to understand.

Oh, um OK. Well, this one hap­pens to be one of our best­sellers. And here we have—” I was cut-off by Mr. Blue Eyes.

Do you mind if I ask you how old you are?”