Why Marriage Only Makes Sense If He’s Old and Rich: Part 2

Robert, my Mr. Won­der­ful, became very pos­ses­sive after we got mar­ried. His inse­cu­ri­ties started to make him very uncom­fort­able with our age dif­fer­ence. I was in the best shape I had ever been in, and Robert, although very attrac­tive, was over­weight and start­ing to go bald. He had always been jeal­ous of the atten­tion I got from men, espe­cially since my friendly per­son­al­ity always made it seem like I was flirting.

From day one, I had to reas­sure Robert that I only had eyes for him, but it never seemed to be enough for him. Even­tu­ally, his inse­cu­ri­ties, jeal­ousy, and pos­ses­sive­ness became over­whelm­ing. Robert assumed that every man that looked my way was a poten­tial threat, so much so that he would hold me close in pub­lic and would make a big deal about hav­ing to go out. If he went on busi­ness trips, he always took me with him because he was afraid that I would stray while he was away. He went so far as to fire the help at our house, just to keep me busy with chores, but it only made me bit­ter and angry.

In the year that I was with Robert, I never once spoke to Der­rick, even after our mar­riage expe­ri­enced a rough patch. In fact, since the day I walked out on Der­rick, I never had con­tact with him. I blocked his calls and even changed my num­ber, just to avoid con­tact. I needed a fresh start, but Robert was prov­ing to be very dif­fer­ent from what I ini­tially thought I wanted.

One night, while out with Robert for one of our usual din­ner dates, the stars aligned per­fectly and once again, my life changed. While walk­ing to the ladies’ restroom, I passed by the bar and was taken aback by a famil­iar smell. There was only one man I knew who smelled of that cologne. I looked around hop­ing that my senses were cor­rect, and sud­denly, I was left weak and breath­less. There he stood, my famil­iar older man. He had a drink in his hand, a smile on his face, and a famil­iar woman by his side. Der­rick turned to face me, and I quickly rushed to the restroom—I wasn’t ready to face him. But, much to my sur­prise, he fol­lowed me down the hallway.